Delaney Barbecue

Birthday 35

For my birthday, my friend Scott gave me a pound of brisket from Delaney Barbecue aka Briskttown. I had heard many greats things about his brisket so I was excited to finally check it out.

Tip: one pound of brisket is way too much food for one person especially if you add one pork rib and few slices of white bread. Yes, one should never eat bread when eating bbq but I just couldn’t help it. I love bread! Also Scott told me to try the pork ribs too. I got a quarter pound pork rib which came out to be just one pork rib. I haven’t had much brisket in my life but these were might good. I got half fatty and half lean. The fatty brisket was really good, good flavors and all. The lean brisket, surprisingly, juicy and tender as well. I had imagined the leaner part to be slightly dry but nope.

I didn’t bother with any sides but did load up on unlimited spicy pickles and white bread. I am definitely looking forward to another meal here to get more than just one pork rib.

Also congrats to Dan with the soon-to-be-opened Smokeline. He’s bringing his bbq starting April 18th to the Highline in Chelsea.

Delaney Barbecue 359 Bedford Ave, South Williamsburg


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