Smorgasburg 2013

Smorgasburg 2013

The weather warmed up just in time for the start of a new season of Smorgasburg, an outdoor food vendor market. Every new season, there are always new vendors popping up. This past Saturday, I tried two of the new vendors and visited a Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea regular.

Smorgasburg 2013
First off, East River Bread. This was the reason why I trekked out to Williamsburg because East River Bread was started by Melissa Weller. She used to be the head bread baker at Roberta’s and Per Se before that. I’m a big fan of her bread and was super excited to find out she had left Roberta’s to start her own thing. For now she’s only doing bagels at Smorgasburg. I got an onion bagel with a smear of chive cream cheese. Hhhmmmm so good! Don’t want to fill up with bagels at the Smorg? Grab a dozen to go!

Smorgasburg 2013
Second new vendor I visited was Scharf & Zoyer. Started by my friend, Noah, they serve Jewish sandwiches. I was intrigued by the krugel double down. Two slices of krugel fried up and served with maple farmers cheese and pickled apple/onion. It was warm, tangy, crunchy, creamy and delicious!

Smorgasburg 2013
The third vendor I ate at was Butter & Scotch. Well you should know by now that I love these two ladies. I pretty much see them every weekend at the Brooklyn Flea for their trifle. This past Saturday they had banana foster trifle. How can I NOT get some? Keavy and Allison can do no wrong.

And while chatting with Clay, we both were given pork belly buns (top photo) from Bite Size Kitchen. Win!

Be sure to check out my in the kitchen photos of Melissa Weller and Butter & Scotch.

Smorgasburg Saturdays at East River State Park and N. 7th in Williamsburg and Sundays at the Tobacco Warehouse, DUMBO.


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