Big Gay Ice Cream Photo Shoot

Big Gay Ice Cream photo shoot

If you haven’t heard, I’ll be taking photos for the Big Gay Ice Cream Yearbook aka their cookbook. And to keep the yearbook theme going, we’re doing yearbook! photos this coming and next weekend at the West Village (61 Grove St & 7th Ave South) shop.

Go to the shop between noon and 7pm on 4/27, 4/28, 5/4 or 5/5, hopefully all dressed up for your photo (think 80s high school yearbook photos) and we’ll hand you an ice cream cone and I’ll snap your photo. Done.

For a better explanation, check out Doug’s post.

Just think, when the book comes out you can totally take the book and get all your friends to sign it. “Stay cool!” “Hope you don’t ever change!”

It’s gonna be loads of fun.


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