The Commodore

The Commodore

I can’t think of a better way to spend your summer than drinking and eating a plate of fried chicken. At The Commodore in Williamsburg, a divey bar with a little bit of retro-ness in it, you can get both and other delicious things.

The fried chicken, a plate of 3 perfectly fried and seasoned…juicy chicken thighs, served with 3 biscuits, honey butter and hot sauces, easily made it to my “awesome fried chicken” list. My friends called me crazy but I smeared some honey butter on the chicken and I recommend you do the same. Wow wow wow! We also shared the Hot Fish sandwich, which was waaaay to spicy for me but good thing I ordered a frozen pina colada (aka The Commodore) to cool my mouth down. While unlike other fried chicken places that serve thigh, drumstick, wing and a side combination, I definitely can go with The Commodore’s all thighs and nothing else version. Honestly, the thigh is the best part. (Can someone explain to me why people love white meat?)

So go to The Commodore, order plates and plates of fried chicken (from the bartender), sit yourself down in the backyard patio area and sip some rum punch or frozen pina colada.

– The Commodore 366 Metropolitan Ave (corner of Metropolitan and Havemeyer St)


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