LA Street Food Fest 2013

Squash blossom

Words and photos by Sandy Lee

The LA Street Food Fest will soon be upon us once more for the 4th consecutive year. Saturday, June 29th to be exact. The All You Can Eat & Drink event will have street foods from 85+ trucks and carts, a Beer Garden, cocktails, and an Ice Cream Social (desserts and sweets purveyors) and will be held once again at the Rose Bowl. Live music will also be a part of the festivities with bands to be announced in the coming weeks. Admission will be through pre-sale only tickets and will be capped at just 5,000.

Ticket Options:
VIP Early Admission 3-9p, $75
General Admission 5-9p, $50

Tickets and details –
Tickets – Eventbrite

I had the privilege and pleasure to attend the preview party on June 3, graciously hosted at the venerable Guelaguetza restaurant, getting a little sneak peak. Some comments/tips/highlights from the vendors of the night follows.

The Donut Snob
Best donut I’ve had. Can’t think of one that tastes better. Light and airy, with crisp, distinctive, clean flavors. Tastes of the quality ingredients that are being used to craft these beauties. On hand will be the raspberry coulis filled donut with lemon zest glaze, topped with a whole raspberry. Be sure to snap them up, lest you will be sad if you miss out, for they will be a definite hit at the fest.

D’elish Sandwich Shop by Tiara Cafe
Soft tender potato bun with a pastrami smoked short rib. Very tender meat with a subtle spice that kicks in at the end. Yep, I know it’s an obvious pun, but it was delish.

Dante’s Fried Chicken
Fried chicken with a unique blend of herbs and spices. So much flavor mixed into the crust. The flavor explosion scene with Remy from the movie Ratatouille came to mind. A nice crackle was provided with the poppy seeds that were unexpectedly mixed into it.
Dante's Fried Chicken

Casa Oaxaca
Photo above
Squash blossoms deep fried with string cheese inards and topped with a huitlecoche sauce. A touch greasy if you don’t catch it right off the fryer, but there’s a complexity of flavors that meld together well.

Greenbar Distillery
Was served a drink entitled the City of Angels. Made of IXA tequila and their Grand Poppy aperitive, with some lemon juice and simple syrup. It was perfect for a warm summer night. Immediately made a mental note to purchase some Grand Poppy and IXA tequila.

The Cochinita pibil is slow roasted, and rich and juicy with a citrusy sweetness. I ate it with the pepper and carrot that’s served on the side, which adds a balance to the texture, and a cool and spicy crunch.

World Empanadas
Flaky crust with a juicy pork filling. Especially enjoyable with the chimichurri served on the side, which adds a sharp, bright tang and spice to the meat and buttery crust.


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