I Still Don’t Get Motorino


I know Donny will disagree with me, but I never got the love for Motorino. I ate at their old Williamsburg location a few times, and I never thought the pizza was that great. I had never been to their East Village location, but last month I finally made the trip for their $12 prix fixe lunch, which includes a salad and one of four different pies. I got the margherita, to see if my opinion of their pizza had changed in the past few years.

Now look, it’s not that the pizza is bad. It’s definitely better than the average slice. My biggest problem is with the crust, which is light and airy and slightly sweet. I understand that those things might not sound bad, but I like my crust with more of a chew. The airiness of the crust means that the crust becomes almost a non-entity in the pizza equation, which is a problem for me. My ideal pizza is one that strikes the perfect balance between the crust, the sauce, and the cheese. If you like Motorino I’m very happy for you, but I’ll stick with my current faves: Roberta’s and Paulie Gee’s.

More of our pizza coverage here.

Motorino (East Village) — 349 East 12th St


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