Hellified Porkpie White Pizza From Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee's

Long time ago, I thought it was CRAZY to eat a white pie. My first white pie experience was when someone ordered a whole white pie from Lombardi’s and while I thought it was good, it was just a bit too heavy for me. I pretty much stuck with tomato based pies………..until Paulie Gee’s arrived. Paulie showed me that white pies can be beautiful and it is beautiful. Like the Hellified Porkpie White pizza which has fresh mozzarella, Berkshire sopressata piccante, sweet Italian fennel sausage, sliced red onion, garlic, basil and Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s like second nature now, every time I head to Paulie Gee’s, to order a white pie.

Of course this pizza has everything…EVERYTHING that I love, fennel sausage, red onion and Mike’s Hot Honey. Hmmmmmmmm hot honey. The pizza on the left is the Ricotta Be Kiddin’ Me (fresh mozzarella, Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, basil and post-oven fresh ricotta dollops), another winner in my book.

Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn


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