The Great Fried Chicken Adventure

Fried chicken dinner
Fried chicken dinner at The Brooklyn Star

I’m not sure if you have been keeping up or not but I’ve been eating a lot (more than normal) of fried chicken (I’ve been tracking them on my Tumblr). This probably started back in 2005, when my friend and I bonded over our love for fried chicken. We created a list of places that we wanted to go. Back then the list was pretty short.

Then few years later, something magical happened. Fried chicken became popular and restaurants were churning out their own unique versions. As Serious Eats called it, “the great fancy-pants fried chicken” was born. And my list of fried chicken places grew.

Now fast forward to just couple months ago when all of this madness started…

The Commodore
The Commodore

I blame Questlove. Yes, the drummer for The Roots. He opened Hybird inside the Chelsea Market and it rebooted my craving for fried chicken. That same weekend I decided to cross another place off my list, The Commodore in Williamsburg. But it took my friend, Brian Hoffman, to kick start this project, when he called me the King of Fried Chicken.

What better way to go through the list than to make it a goal but what is the goal? What’s the point of all this? Sarah Simmons had asked me that when I visited her at City Grit. My answer was simply….”I don’t know.” It’s true. I’m not doing this to find the best fried chicken. Food is subjective. I heard many people rave about the fried chickens at Buttermilk Channel and at The Redhead but I thought they were both meh. I love fried chicken and if I don’t make an effort to try all of them, I may miss some of the great ones. My college professor once said that if you want the truth, don’t trust the media or other people. The only way is for you to go find out. And so this is my way of finding out, from myself..for myself, what are the good and bad fried chickens.

Fried chicken w/ biscuit and grits
Pies ‘n’ Thighs

The rules are simple, yes I have rules. I’m open to any sort of fried chicken except from chain places, no wings and no local Chinese joints. Everything else is game and that includes places serving fried chicken sandwich like at Allswell.

Fried chicken sandwich

Not to make this purely a fried chicken eating and reviewing project, I’m going to try and include interviews with chefs and food people about fried chicken. What they think good fried chicken should be, memories of fried chicken and where to find the good ones.

City Grit
City Grit


Here are the places I have yet to go:
Preserve 24 (lunch only)
Georgia Eastside BBQ
BocBoc Chicken
Yafa Deli
The Cardinal
Charles Country Pan Fried
Brooklyn Bowl / Blue Ribbon
The Breslin
Blue Smoke
B&B Wine Pub
The Daily

Here are the places I need to go back:
Pies ‘n’ Thighs
Sweet Chick
Buttermilk Channel
The Redhead
Sugar Freak
Mama Joy’s
Red Rooster
Fritzl’s Lunch Box

For convenient sakes, I made a fried chicken Foursquare list and a fried chicken sandwich list.

If I have missed a place that serves fried chicken, please let me know in the comments or you can even say I’m crazy.

Happy eating!


5 thoughts on “The Great Fried Chicken Adventure

  1. Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter!! Probably my favorite fried chicken in the city. I know it’s not chicken, but their biscuits are some of the best I’ve had and their fried catfish might be even better than their chicken.


  2. if you ever head south to continue this project, check out Cafe Florie here in Savannah, GA – word on the street is that Verna’s Fried Chicken is spectacular. And while you’re here you can also indulge your small batch ice cream craving at Cafe Gelatohhhh – milk from local pasture-raused Jersey cows, organic everything, very high quality ingredients and intense attention to detail.


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