Fried Chicken: Hill Country Chicken

Hill Country Chicken

When Hill Country Chicken first opened, I was pretty excited (I mean any new fried chicken joint opening is pretty exciting). A restaurant dedicated to just serving fried chicken, all day long. Heaven? If you’re not familiar with Hill Country Chicken, it was opened by the same owners as Hill Country BBQ down the street in the Flatiron District. It has that comfy southern home and super casual vibe going on. They do 2 types of chicken there. Classic is simply double coated and fried with the skin on with a bit of seasoning. The Mama Els’ version is skinless but coated in a cracker crust and deep fried. I have tried both versions and I definitely prefer the classic. Nothing beats crispy chicken skin. One thing I like about Hill Country Chicken is the ability to buy just wings or just thighs. I’m a dark meat lover so if I can avoid it, I like to not eat the breast meat.

I had pretty good experiences at Hill Country BBQ so I assumed the chicken would just be as good and I was right. It was a treat to easily walk from my office to the Flatiron District for crispy and delicious fried chicken. Then like everything else, I had moved on and hadn’t been back for few years. So when I started this fried chicken project, the first place I went was Hill Country Chicken.

For $13, I got 2 thighs (1 classic and 1 Mama Els) and 1 classic drumstick plus a side of cheesy baked pasta and a biscuit. I’m not sure if I went on a bad time or not but the pieces of chicken I had were underwhelming. There were bits of crispiness here and there but they were mostly stale. While the meat was juicy it was lacking flavor and I can only douse so much hot sauce and honey to make it flavorful. As for the biscuit and the cheesy baked pasta…well, they weren’t bad but I didn’t bother finishing them.

Final thought: Not just yet. I’m going to give this place one more chance.

Breast $5.50
Thigh $3.50
Drum $2.25
Wing $1.75
8 pieces with 4 biscuits $27

Hill Country Chicken 1123 Broadway and 25th St, NYC


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