Culture Brings Frozen Yogurt To The West Village

culture frozen yogurt

Way back when Culture first opened in Park Slope I interviewed the owners for Nona Brooklyn, and since then I’ve remained friendly with owners Jenny and Gino. It helps that their yogurt is incredible, and the frozen yogurt is even better. This past weekend they opened their second location, this one in the West Village in Manhattan, and they invited me to join them for the pre-opening party the night before the grand opening. Jenny gave me a brief tour of the new shop, which showcases the yogurt making machine in full view of the customers. But of course the real test is the yogurt — is it as good as the original shop? They gave me a cup of the original flavor (still my favorite) with the strawberry-rhubarb pie toppings, made with the last of this season’s rhubarb. I’m happy to say the frozen yogurt is as delicious as ever; not too sweet, with that perfect yogurt tang. You may not be able to get any more rhubarb, but I recommend any of their seasonal toppings, or the Vermont maple topping. I’m not just saying this because they gave me free yogurt, or because I’m friends with them — the yogurt really is that good. Hopefully their new location will be an even bigger success than their original store.

West Village — 60 W. 8th St, Manhattan
Park Slope — 331 5th Ave, Brooklyn


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