Fried Chicken: Buttermilk Channel At Smorgasburg


When Buttermilk Channel first opened in Carroll Gardens, all I heard about it was the chicken and cheddar waffles they served. Everyone was raving about how crazy delicious the dish was. Though I had no intention to wait hours for brunch and also I live walking distance from it so I thought…. “yeah one of these days I’ll just wake up early and waltz down for brunch.” Of course that never happened. But FINALLY, Howard had to write about it for the vegetarian column for Serious Eats and so we braved the dinner crowd.

By the time Howard and I went for dinner, Buttermilk Channel had already been opened for few years. I had high hopes for the chicken and cheddar waffles but ultimately the dish totally let me down. The outer layer of the chicken was almost rock solid and after few bites, I wanted to give up. I sort of left the restaurant annoyed and decided to never go back. Later I found out the original chef had moved onto Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope, which might have been the reason why the food we ate that night was just alright.

But of course never say never. With this fried chicken project, I decided I have to go back to Buttermilk Channel to give it one more try. BUT FIRST, I decided to try their outpost at the Smorgasburg because 1) it’s a lot easier than to wait hours and hours for a table 2) I know I’ll be getting a freshly fried fried chicken within minutes 3) sitting by the water in Brooklyn Bridge Park always a win.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken aka BFC serves 2 pieces of freshly fried chicken (drumstick and thigh) with cheddar waffle and slices of pickles for $10. The great thing about BFC was that I can see my fried chicken being fried…so that I know, when it gets into my mouth it will be piping hot. Ohhh and it sure was piping hot. While this still wasn’t as good as other fried chickens I’ve eaten, this was by far way way WAAAYYYY better than the one I had at the restaurant last year. The crunchy outer bits were a little hard and with the plastic fork it was a bit difficult to jam the fork in. Your best bet is to take a big bite out of it. The meat was juicy but could’ve used a little more seasoning. The piece of waffle was okay but the slices of pickles were delicious!

Final thought: $10 for 2 pieces of chicken, a tiny piece of waffle and pickles is a little pricey to pay but’s at the Smorgasburg where things are all a little pricey. I liked that you can get it freshly fried but overall it was just okay. Also there are a lot of better things to eat at Smorgasburg, I would save my fried chicken craving for another place.

Fried chicken with cheddar waffle and pickles with whole grain mustard $10

BFC at Smorgasburg, Saturdays at East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.) and Sundays at the Tobacco Warehouse (30 Water St.)


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