Fried Chicken: City Grit

City Grit Fried Chicken
Sarah Simmons, founder of City Grit, is one awesome chef. Her dinners at City Grit, a culinary salon, range from clam bakes to vegetarian dinners to Chinese New Year dinner with a southern twist, all cooked to perfection. And most nights guest chefs from around the country get to take over the kitchen and churn out one of a kind dinners. But it is her fried chicken that brings me back to City Grit. I’ve had it 3 times now and it is just so damn good.

The fried chicken that Sarah makes is homey, simple, juicy, flavorful and crispy. Basically everything you want in a damn great chicken. It is served with 2 sides and it is usually a potato side and a slaw of some sort. And since it’s a whole dinner for $45, it comes with a starter, salad and dessert.

Be sure to follow City Grit on Twitter to find out when the next Sunday Supper will be.

Final thought: There isn’t much to say. I love her fried chicken. Period. The only down side is that, I can’t get it whenever I want.

There is a Kickstarter campaign to raise money so that City Grit can move to their very own kitchen and dining space. Currently they’re renting a kitchen with limited space. But with their own space, they can offer bigger and better dinners and more room to play around. Please help! Everyone dollar counts.

Sunday Supper $45

City Grit 38 Prince St

Check out what other fried chickens I have eaten for my fried chicken project.


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