Fried Chicken: Fat Lyle’s In Marfa, TX

Fat Lyle's

I had read about Fat Lyle’s and their popular fried chicken when I was doing research for my Marfa, Texas trip. Though sadly, they only serve fried chicken on Sundays. My last day at Marfa was on a Sunday and I had to leave around 10am to catch my flight in El Paso. But obviously I got to try their chicken since I have a photo of it (above). My friends were able to get Fat Lyle’s to cater their wedding, which was pretty awesome. The menu consisted of their famous fried chicken, pulled pork, dinner rolls, salad, a broccoli and bacon salad and an Indian curry veggie dish. Since it was buffet style, I really loaded up on the food and I even went back for of the broccoli and bacon salad. That was some good stuff.

The fried chicken was pretty intense. I ended up getting only pieces of white meat since I waited towards the end to get into the buffet line. I’m not a big fan of white meat but they were flavorful, crispy and not dry at all. NYC needs a food truck like Fat Lyle’s!

Two weeks after the wedding, I was hanging out with the newlyweds and they told me that some of the folks that stayed longer than me went to the truck. They said the fried chicken was even more tastier than at the wedding. UGH!!!! Next time if I’m back in Marfa, I got to either stay longer or take a later flight.

Check out this interview on Big Bend Now with chef and founder of Fat Lyle’s.

Fat Lyle’s fried chicken $8.

– Fat Lyle’s 719 South Highland Marfa, TX

See what other fried chickens I have eaten for my fried chicken project.

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