Fried Chicken: Peaches Hothouse

Peaches Hothouse

Have you ever heard of hot chicken? According to the internet, the term hot chicken is a type of fried chicken found in Nashville and it is spicy. Most of the heat comes from cayenne pepper. Good thing Peaches Hothouse in Bed-Stuy does hot chicken so we don’t have to fly to Nashville to get some. I’m okay with spicy food but when I was at The Commodore and had their Hot Fish sandwich, it was just way too hot for me. So having that as my reference point I decided to get the regular fried chicken when I went with a friend to Peaches Hothouse.

Big mistake.

Well it wasn’t that big, it was still good fried chicken but it was on the okay side. I know I know, why did I get the regular fried chicken when they’re famous for their hot chicken?! It’s like going to Red Lobster and getting a burger. Sort of. What I should’ve gotten was HOT and you should too! My friend was smart and got hot. The one piece I took from my friend’s plate was super awesome. It wasn’t the type of spicy that was going to burn your mouth off. It was the type of spicy that really added some intense flavor to the chicken. That extra bit of spicy kick really made the 50min trek from Midtown worth it. Besides the awesome flavor of the hot chicken, the crunchy bits were light, the pickles were tangy and the corn bread..well it may just be one of the best corn bread I’ve eaten so far. After tasting the hot, I think I’m ready for the extra hot.

3 pieces (you choice of regular, hot or extra hot) plus one side served with pickles, a slice of bread and corn bread $13

Peaches Hothouse 415 Tompkins Ave. Brooklyn, NY


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