NY Dosas, Finally

special pondicherry

This month marks my 10th year here in NYC. I haven’t really celebrated, but I did decide I wanted to eat somewhere I’ve always wanted to eat (but never managed to get there). I set my sights on the so-called “dosa man” at Washington Square Park. The dosa man, whose real name is Thiru Kumar, sets up a street cart serving dosas; dosas are large pancakes usually made with fermented rice and/or lentil flour, and often wrapped around a tasty filling. I’d heard nothing but good things about the dosa man, and I’d passed by the cart dozens of times in the past 10 years. On a recent weekday I set out at lucnh time to eat at the cart.

Only he wasn’t there.

I found out when I got home that he is not always able to set up his cart, but that if you follow him on Twitter you can see if he will be out on any given day. So a week later I made a second trip, and found him just setting up his cart. He was extremely nice; even though he hadn’t opened yet, he took my order and told me to come back in about 15 minutes and it would be ready for me. I took a seat in the park and did some reading, and when I returned a small line had started to form for the dosa cart. But true to his word, Kumar was just finishing up my dosa and I was able to pick up my order, plus a lychee fruit drink with coconut, and take back it to the park to eat. My Special Pondicherry dosa was filled with spicy potatoes and salad, and was fantastic. Even better was the coconut chutney, sweet and salty and cooling, so good that I ended up scooping it up with my fork and eating it all by itself after the dosa was gone. Good food eaten outdoors and a friendly dosa man? Seems like the perfect way to celebrate my 10 years.

NY Dosas — Washington Square South between Sullivan and Thompson


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