Lunch at Cafe Sabarsky


Back in 2011 I had breakfast at Cafe Sabarsky, the Austrian restaurant that shares its space with the Neue Gallery. I did not, however, actually visit the gallery. So when my parents told me they wanted to meet up at the gallery, I suggested that we have lunch at Sabarsky. The gallery is pretty small, focused on Austrian and German artists. My favorite piece in the entire gallery was this drawing by Egon Schiele, which looks more dramatic in person than it does here online. I enjoyed my breakfast so much that I had high hopes foe lunch, but I was a little disappointed. My spaetzle with mushrooms, cream sauce and tarragon was fine; the texture of the spaetzle (basically a tiny drop of dough boiled like pasta) so pillowy soft they almost melted in my mouth. I realized as I was eating them that I prefer my spaetzle to be crisped in butter, sort of like these. I was most disappointed in the sacher torte, one of the most emblematic Austrian desserts, pairing chocolate with apricot. There was too much chocolate and not enough apricot, and it was far too dry. I think that going forward, I’ll stick to breakfast at Cafe Sabarsky.

Cafe Sabarsky — 1048 5th Ave


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