Homespun Foods In Beacon, NY

knife cut noodles

Recently I took a trip on the Metro North up to Dia:Beacon (the short version: beautiful space, but I wasn’t crazy about the art). After visiting the museum, I walked up to Beacon’s main street: Main Street. There were a handful of restaurants open for lunch, but I found myself drawn to Homespun Foods. Why? Because their sign featured the vegetable version of my spirit animal: the artichoke. Homespun Foods is a combination restaurant and specialty food store, though sadly I didn’t see any artichoke dishes on their menu. I ordered one of the vegetarian entrees, the cheese & nut loaf, and took a seat in their large, beautiful backyard to wait. Instead of giving you a table number, they give you a plastic vegetable; I got a plastic green pepper to set on my table, which let the server know where to bring my order. It took a while to arrive, but the loaf was quite good — with its crusty top and meaty texture, when mixed with the cold tomato sauce and bread on the side it made me think of a hamburger. The ice cold salad and dressing was surprisingly bland, though. Still, with its beautiful back yard and interesting selection of food I think Homespun Foods would be a good spot for lunch for anyone stopping in Beacon for the day.

Homespun Foods — 232 Main St, Beacon, NY


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