Milkflower In Astoria

kale pizza

Fior di latte is the poetic Italian name for fresh mozzarella; its literal translation is “flower of milk,” from which Milkflower in Astoria takes its name. The vibe of the place is very much in the same vein as Brooklyn’s more popular neo-Neapolitan pizza joints. And even though I normally get a margherita to judge a new pizza place, when I met my friends Jess & Garrett at Milkflower for dinner recently I wasn’t in the mood for one. So instead I got the kale pizza, with tomato, crispy kale, lemon juice, and breadcrumbs. The kale was nicely crisp, though the balance of ingredients wasn’t quite right — a little too acidic, with nothing to temper it. And the crust was just a pinch of salt away from being truly great. I have… very high standards for pizza. In retrospect I can’t help but wonder about the margherita, and the fresh mozzarella that tops it. I guess it’s time for another visit.

Milkflower — 34-12 31st Avenue, Queens


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