Cold Salads At Spicy & Tasty

garlic eggplant

I know, I’ve written about how much I love Spicy & Tasty before. On a recent visit with my friends Jeff and Eva, that love was cemented with a variety of their cold salads. As my friend Jeff said, ordering salads at a Chinese restaurant might seem strange, but at Spicy & Tasty it’s the way to go. Above is the eggplant in garlic sauce; cold, silky eggplant in a sweet and spicy sauce. Cold eggplant? It works, trust me. The bamboo shoots were excellent as always, as was the dry bean curd with celery. Chewy strips of baked tofu with crunchy strips of Chinese celery, tossed with a sauce that contains the floral aroma and numbing power of Sichuan peppercorns.

Spicy & Tasty — 39-07 Prince St, Flushing


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