LA Eats: Ricky’s Fish Taco

Ricky's Fish Tacos
I’ve been wanting to check out Ricky’s Fish Tacos ever since I read about him on Dylan Ho’s blog few years ago. Though without a Twitter account, it was a little difficult to track him down, especially it takes about an hour to go to LA from my parents’ house. But finally he joined Twitter and I was able to see if he’ll be out on the street serving his delicious fish, shrimp and some times lobster tacos. So last October, while I was out in LA with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, I drove to 1400 N. Virgil Ave in Los Feliz where Ricky was suppose to be. Sadly, after driving around the same corner a dozen times, I gave up and drove home.

This time, armed with my iPhone and Google Maps, I succeeded in locating him!

Ricky's Fish Tacos
Oh sweet sweet freshly fried fish in taco form. The truck has no menu but you can bet they’ll have fish and shrimp. I went for 2 fish tacos ($3 each). Each was topped with pico de gallo and a little bit of raw cabbage. There were squeeze bottles of salsa, crema Mexicana and hot sauces in the truck’s fridge. Watch out! The pieces of fish are hot. I nearly burned my tongue off but it was sooo sooo worth it. For me the fish in a fish taco has to..HAS TO be fried. And Ricky’s version is crispy, light and tasted fresh. I can see why he’s so popular.

Be prepare to wait. They take a bit of time to make each order. There’s a tent with chairs and tables for people dining in.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos 1400 N. Virgil Ave, Los Feliz. It’s across the street from Vons and the truck is park in a private lot.


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