Canele By Celine


At first I thought that almost $6 for three of these miniature canele — a bell-shaped pastry that originated in Southwest France — was nearly highway robbery. But one bite revealed to me why they are so dear. Each pastry is a perfect jewel, a miniature work of art; a caramelized crust on the outside, which gives way to a sweet custard-like interior within. The incredibly nice and helpful staff at Canele by Celine talked me through the history of canele, and helped me select my three flavors: rum, the traditional canele; caramel, their most popular flavor; and pistachio, one of my favorites. I didn’t try any, but they also make (less traditional) savory canele. Yes, at Canele by Celine they have a one track mind. It’s all canele, all the time. But who can argue when the results are so perfect?

Canele by Celine — 400 East 82nd St


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