I Found My Happy Place At Flushing’s Food Courts


Oh, hello there. It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog, I know. It’s been since August, you say? Seems like time has been going by very quickly. In truth I’ve been very busy at work, and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lucky for me I recently took a few trips to the Chinese food courts in Flushing, where I got some really amazing food. Here’s the best of what I had during my recent trips. At the Golden Shopping Mall, a warren of narrow stalls with almost no English menus, I got the bowl of food you see above from what I think is the Chengdu Heaven stall. I got two different dishes — cold strips of cooked potato, seasoned with vinegar and chilies, and a seaweed salad dressed with vinegar and sesame oil.


At the New World Mall food court, stall number 10 is Xiang Ba La. I was able to sample a couple more cold dishes from them: slippery mung bean jelly noodles coated in chili oil, and cucumbers dressed with vinegar, sesame oil, and a sprinkle of mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. These were great compliments to each other — the heat from the noodles was nicely offset by the sharp vinegar and cooling freshness of the cucumbers.

pancake noodles

At the newly opened New York Food Court the best dish I had was from Guchun Private Kitchen, which specializes in food from Huabei, or Northern China. They use a type of Chinese pancake in many of their dishes, including this one — the pancakes are sliced into noodles and stir-fried with veggies and spices. It reminded me of a Sri Lankan dish called kothu roti I had once, but with less of an Indian influence and a lot more fresh vegetables.

The food courts in Flushing are nothing like the mall food courts I grew up with in suburban Virginia. They remind me more of the food stalls I visited in Singapore and Malaysia, but instead of a long plane ride Flushing is just a subway ride away. The food courts are also very close to Spicy & Tasty, so you can stop by to get some of their excellent bamboo shoots to go.

Golden Shopping Mall — 41-28 Main St, Flushing
New World Mall — 136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing
New York Food Court — 133-35 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

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