LA Taco Crawl 2015

Couple weeks ago, I was home in LA and I decided to go on a taco crawl. It’s been a while since I did one and so to celebrate this occasion, I asked the people at Saveur if I can takeover their Instagram account for the crawl. They said yes! So from 11am till 4pm, on a Friday, I drove all over LA taking photos of tacos and eating tacos.

Above images: I started the crawl with 2 crispy shrimp tacos ($2 each) at Mariscos Jalisco, a Jonathan Gold approved taco truck. The tacos were glorious! Filled to the max with shrimp. Messy and delicious. Then it was steak and uni with smoked soy sauce taco ($8) at the Guerrilla Tacos truck in front of Blacktop Coffee. This was pretty good, interesting combination and actually wouldn’t mind eating an uni taco minus the steak.

Next up it was a visit to Guisados in DTLA. I got a chorizo and veggie taco. The chorizo was pretty typical but I quite enjoyed the veggie taco. Definitely the right choice for that day…eating loads and loads of meat filled tacos. And then obviously you can’t do a taco crawl without visiting Ricky’s Fish Tacos. I got the Ricky’s Special ($4), half shrimp/half fish.

This truck was new to me but my sister loves it. Leo’s Tacos Truck in Mid-City is parked in a gas station all day but to get their famous Tacos Al Pastor ($1) that are freshly made, you gotta visit them at night. I also got a lengua taco because I love lengua.

I love tacos, I love LA street tacos.

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