Lost Vegetarian Presents… Happy Buddha

Almost a year ago I had an idea for a video project, one that highlighted the variety of great vegetarian food around the world. I’m happy to share with all of you the first episode of “Lost Vegetarian Presents…” This first season will focus on New York City, where I live, but I’m hoping that future seasons will spread out to encompass other cities around the country and around the world.

This is the product of the hard work of a lot of my friends, and I need to thank them all. Most importantly I need to thank Donny Tsang and Henrietta Yuki; not just for their technical assistance with the cameras and lights (which was invaluable), but because without them this wouldn’t have happened. They questioned me, pushed me, and helped me figure out what I wanted this project to be. I also need to thank Scott Lindrup, who was at every shoot and did whatever we asked him to do. And special thanks to Bayard Russell, for allowing me to use his song “Keep Dancing” for the opening and closing titles. Plus there were numerous friends and family members who watched rough cuts of these episodes and gave me useful feedback about them. Thank you all!

We made these videos on a shoestring budget, so if you want to sponsor these videos (or you would like to participate) please email me: lostvegetarian@gmail.com

East Wind Snack Shop is located at 471 16th St, here in Brooklyn. Special thanks to Chef Chris Cheung and the entire staff there for helping us out. Happy Buddha is a simple looking vegan dish, but it’s got an incredible amount of flavor. Enjoy!


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