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Delaney Barbecue

Birthday 35

For my birthday, my friend Scott gave me a pound of brisket from Delaney Barbecue aka Briskttown. I had heard many greats things about his brisket so I was excited to finally check it out.

Tip: one pound of brisket is way too much food for one person especially if you add one pork rib and few slices of white bread. Yes, one should never eat bread when eating bbq but I just couldn’t help it. I love bread! Also Scott told me to try the pork ribs too. I got a quarter pound pork rib which came out to be just one pork rib. I haven’t had much brisket in my life but these were might good. I got half fatty and half lean. The fatty brisket was really good, good flavors and all. The lean brisket, surprisingly, juicy and tender as well. I had imagined the leaner part to be slightly dry but nope.

I didn’t bother with any sides but did load up on unlimited spicy pickles and white bread. I am definitely looking forward to another meal here to get more than just one pork rib.

Also congrats to Dan with the soon-to-be-opened Smokeline. He’s bringing his bbq starting April 18th to the Highline in Chelsea.

Delaney Barbecue 359 Bedford Ave, South Williamsburg


Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Mighty Quinn's BBQ Pulled Pork

If you’ve been a regular at Smorgasburg then I’m sure you know about Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque and the crazy long line of people waiting for their delicious meat. I got lucky once and went early enough with only a handful of people in line. Their meat is definitely good but oh hey they have a spot now in the East Village that will make getting their tasty bbq a whole lot easier.

Many have told me that their brisket was only okay so I decided to get the pulled pork. For about $8, you get a massive amount of pork, topped with bbq sauce and comes with cole slaw and one veg side (I opted for the pickled onions). This was one serious sandwich. Tender juicy pork overflowing out of the bun (is it okay to have wanted two thick slices of Texas toast instead?) and wash everything down with a root beer. Oh yeah.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque 103 2nd Ave at 6th St, East Village NYC

Fletcher’s, Hit And Miss


I’ve kept a close eye on Fletcher’s, waiting for it to finally open. Having a BBQ joint just few blocks from your apartment is a pretty exciting thing though I’m also walking distance from Fort Reno.

One night, my friends and I decided to check out this newly opened place before getting drinks at Skylark. We walked into a pretty bare and boring looking place that I felt didn’t had much personality. But I was there for meat and not the decor. Sadly that night they were out of the char siu but had everything else. With the four of us, we decided to get a platter of all the meats (ribs, brisket and pork shoulder) plus 3 sides (mac n’cheese, beans and cucumber salad).

Both the brisket and pork shoulder were mighty good, tender and delicious. The ribs were a little dry and tough and while the beans and cucumber sides were good, I was quite disappointed with the mac n’cheese.

I will most definitely go back for more since I really want to try their char siu and heck, it’s only a few blocks from my apartment. If you’re like my friend, Scott, that cares more about brisket than anything then head on over to Fletcher’s.

– Fletcher’s 433 3rd Ave, Gowanus

Brooklyn Ice House

Brooklyn Ice House

Last weekend a bunch of us checked out Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook. Since their website said they open at 4pm, I thought it be best if we hang out in Red Hook earlier so we can just pop over once it was 4pm. So Matt, Phae and I met up at Brooklyn Ice House for drinks. We also ordered some food since we heard how long a typical wait it would be for a table at Brooklyn Crab.

So this is how we do it at Brooklyn Ice House. Beers, pulled pork sandwiches (2 for $5..can’t go wrong), fritos pie, sweet potato fries and onion rings. It’s always a great time at the Ice House. Long list of beers, pretty tasty foods, board games, and backyard.

– Brooklyn Ice House 318 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

John Brown Smokehouse

John Brown Smokehouse

After eating at SriPraPhai in Woodside, Queens, my next Queens stop was……….the Butcher Bar. I was pretty excited to try this place and had made plans with friends to try it. Seeing all those delicious looking photos, I had my mind set on the PBLT sandwich and some double smoked burnt ends. Though just a few hours before heading out to Astoria, the INTERNET spoke and said that I should go to John Brown Smokehouse instead. Being a cheap aZZ, the cheaper price at John Brown Smokehouse quickly won my over.

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Carts In The Parc

Carts in the Parc
This past Sunday I went to one of the New York Food and Wine Festival events, Carts in the Parc hosted by Andrew Zimmern at the Foodparc. If you don’t know what Foodparc is go read Ed Levine’s write-up on it. I had no idea it was so close to my work office, it could get dangerous for me in the future.

At the Vendy I went as part of the Schnitzel crew this time I went as part of the Big Gay Ice Cream crew. I was wearing my Big Gay Ice Cream shirt and was called a traitor by Mr.Schnitzel, HA! Last time I helped Doug and Bryan out they had me passing out free samples. This time they didn’t so I didn’t really do much work for them. I did do a food run for them, cleaned off the table and refilled their bowl with more lemon scented “moist towelette”. Highlight of the day was shaking hands with Andrew Zimmern, spotting Ming Tsai and standing next to Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes. Oh yeah and all the free tasty treats from Foodparc and all the food truck vendors were pretty great too.
Carts in the ParcCarts in the Parc

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Vendy Awards 2010

How time flies and once again the Vendy Awards is among us. Once again my pals Oleg Voss and Gene Voss of Schnitzel & Things and Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream were nominated for the Vendy Award and Best Dessert Award respectively. The Souvlaki Truck, which I have met recently, were nominated for Rookie of the Year.

Similar to last year I went as part of the Schnitzel crew but unlike last year I rode a ferry instead of the schnitzel mobile. This year the Vendy Awards took place at Governors Island. Now after what happened at the other lame food truck event I was afraid there would be similar problems, long lines everywhere. But of course being that it’s the 6th year of the Vendy these people running the event are professionals. There was never any crazy looooonnnggg lines though the line for Kelvin Slush was pretty incredible. Big Gay Ice Cream learned from last year and offered a tasting table that served different toppings than the truck to keep the line short. The Schnitzel crew, was once again, like a well oiled engine and just kept chugging along. They were fast and efficient.

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