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Choice Streets 2013

Choice Streets 2013

One of my favorite food events I attended last year was Village Voice’s Choice Streets. Obviously one of the thing I liked about it was the location. It was held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. It was also one of the most causal food events I’ve been to. So of course this year I had to go back. While the format was the same, there were few things that were different from last year that, in a way, made this year a little less fun (just a little) but overall I still had a good time.

For some unknown reasons, few of the trucks didn’t show up and they may had sold more tickets than last year because the lines! There were few times where I just stood in a line for half an hour. And by 8:30p some of the trucks had ran out of food already which then added extra pressure on other trucks to continue.

Here are some bites I managed to get….

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LA Eats: The Food Porn Edition


I just came back from a 2 week time off in LA and it was FREAKING wonderful. Though it wasn’t all play. The first week I spent it with these guys (yes I was doing work) and the second week was a total tv on the couch time.

Besides eating burgers from In-N-Out and mom’s cooking, most of the meals I had were from places I have never been before. Luckily everything I ate during my 2 weeks in LA was mighty delicious.

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Lake Trout And Blue Collar Good Job

Blue Collar Good Job

Is 160 Havemeyer St in south Williamsburg the foodiest address? There’s already Nha Toi, a Vietnamese joint serving not-so-traditional food like a fried duck egg banh mi. I still haven’t been but from what James Boo said, I should’ve gone asap 2 years ago.

So why do I think 160 Havemeywer is the foodiest address? Well both newly opened Lake Trout and Blue Collar Good Job also have the same address.

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When I first heard about UMAMIcatessen, I thought it would be similar to FoodParc where you can go to different stations for different foods. When I arrived, I was totally wrong. It was basically a regular old restaurant but just that they have few different sections that you can order food from (from a waiter). Located in downtown LA, UMAMIcatessen was tailored to the working crowd in the area.

If you’re not familiar with Umami, you will be soon as they are planning to open a restaurant here in NYC. They do pretty good burgers (a little small for me) and damn good tater tots.

On this trip I tagged along as my sister was there to shoot photos for her friend Joy of Oh Joy! You can check out the post here.

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Plan Check

Plan Check

This month old restaurant is doing something fantastic. Located on Sawtelle Blvd in West L.A., the atmosphere and staff were causal and friendly. The menu was not overly complicated and had just the right amount of items. Definitely go with a group so you can try out many of the dishes/sandwiches/burgers. So sit back, grab a beer (I had a delicious Strand Brewery 24th St. Pale Ale), eat delicious food and enjoy the LA weather.

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Oh dude, couple weeks ago I had an amazing meal at Whitehall in the West Village. Last month I was lucky enough to have spent few hours in the kitchen taking some photos. Everything that went out of the kitchen looked and smell soooo good. So unlike many restaurants where I say I would eventually go but rarely do, I made sure I would visit Whitehall within the month.

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Cheeseburger At Roberta’s Kicked Ass


Long long time ago, I went to Red Lobster and got lobster. Why? Well this was back in LA and LA back in the 90s were filled with chain restaurants. But anyways, my rule for eating at these restaurants were that if they specialized in seafood, you better damn well get seafood (heck the word lobster is in the name so you go there for lobster.)

Nowadays I still sort of go by that rule but after going to Roberta’s so many times, I need to rethink that rule. Roberta’s is known for their delicious pizza but they do everything else……delicious too. Last time I was there for a big gathering, I got their pork chop. Yes pork chop. Cooked to perfection and so soooooo good. So then when Serious Eats reviewed their cheeseburger, it was no surprised that it would be a tasty burger.

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