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San Francisco: Little Star Pizza

Little Star
Oh twinkle twinkle little star….how I wanna eat your pizza-r! I can write lyrics! After a good few hours on the plane flying from Seattle to San Francisco, I was ready to just veg out. It was raining quite a bit when I landed and parts of SFO were leaking, eek! Even though I was pretty tired, I was glad that my friends were up for hanging out in SF a bit. Matt and Chris’s parents had moved to the Sonoma County so they had a good 40min drive into SFO to pick me up. Along with Phae, they decided to have dinner in the city.

I had mentioned Little Star to them before, so I guess the idea was stuck in their heads. I’m not quite familiar with the history of Little Star or why the love for deep dish pizzas in SF but you can check out their website and a review on Slice.

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Seattle Day 3: Teriyaki

Osaka Teriyaki
There’s always more time to squeeze in 1 more meal, right? It was sad but I have finally reached Tuesday, my last day in Seattle but heck I was also happy because I knew I would be in SF in a few short hours. During my whole trip I knew exactly what I was going to eat for my last Seattle meal.

I have read in the Seattle Magazine the phenomenon of teriyaki in Seattle. I wanted teriyaki! It’s such a simple dish to make and oh so satisfying to eat. The plan was to head to Happy Teriyaki around 10:30am, eat, head back to the hotel, pack, check out and get to the train to the airport. Happy Teriyaki was located in the basement, next to a smoke shop, of a building near all the fancy shops. Aaannnddd of course when I got there they weren’t opened. So plan b! I saw on Foursquare, on my phone, that there was Osaka Teriyaki right on Pike Street.

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Seattle Day 2: Crumpets, Bao, Oysters, And Spicy Meatballs

The Walrus & the Carpenter
Even though I have traveled alone before I have always had friends whom I was staying with to hang out with. This trip to Seattle was my very 1st time traveling alone alone and it was fantastic. I woke up whenever I wanted, did whatever I wanted and went wherever I wanted. It was nice to go at my own pace. The lone traveler, sitting at the bar drinking and randomly chatting with other people at the bar. I need to do it more often, need to be more out of my comfort zone.

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Seattle Day 1: Fried Egg Sandwich, Piroshky, Ramen, And Pizza

Flying into Seattle on Christmas Day was probably not a great idea because nothing was opened when I landed around 5pm. I had always wanted to visit Seattle again to sort of explore more than just the downtown area. Last time I was there it was 2006 and with a group of friends. We did most of the touristy things like going to the Space Needle and visiting the 1st Starbucks at Pike Place.

So Christmas Day in Seattle. It was rainy, gloomy and quiet. I stayed at the Ace Hotel, $99 per night but shared bathrooms with the rest of the guests plus complimentary breakfast and Stumptown coffee. Ace Hotel was a good few blocks away from Pike Place so I was away from any tourists crap but close enough. It was also surrounded by a bunch of great local bars and hang-outs.

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Howard’s Favorites of 2010

The M. Martigan at Roberta’s. Did it make my list?
As the end of the year approaches it’s time for reflecting back on all of the food I’ve eaten this past year — and I’ve eaten a ton of food. Not all of it has been good, but here are my favorites of 2010, along with what I remember about them. You can also click the links to read the full write-ups.

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A bowl of hot broth with noodles can give a person comfort during the cold seasons, heals ones soul and restores ones strength. Cocoron, which means “heartwarming” in Japanese, is perfectly named for this Lower East Side soba shop. Yes soba. Seems like ramen has pretty much dominated NYC with over a dozen ramen shops in the city and in Brooklyn. But we can’t forget about udon or soba.

When we think of soba we think room temperature noodles, dipped in sauce and consume. At Cocoron you can get that but don’t expect the typical version. Here they offer few different broths with different stuff in it like bonito flakes and grated daikon or natto served on the side. What you can also get is soba in hot broth. Yes, why not?

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Meat Dumplings At Karloff

Meat dumplings
Happy Christmas Eve! It’s cold outside and I hear it’s gonna get colder next week with possible snow. Well you know when it gets cold most people tend to crave for heartier foods like stews and such. At Karloff, besides serving some great latkes, they also serve stroganoff, stews, dumplings and other non latkes stuff. So just a week after my 1st visit I took a friend there for dinner. Well our goal that night was to have dinner at Mile End but they were PACKED!!!

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