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Sonoma County California Eats

Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Like I mentioned in my previous post that my friends’ parents had moved to the Sonoma County, 40mins north of SF. That’s where I stayed for the rest of my time in NorCal.

Ana’s Cafe & Espresso
 Ana's Cafe & Espresso Ana's Cafe & Espresso
The 1st morning Matt had told me about this pretty damn good place for breakfast burrito, a short walk from the house. Being vacation and all we actually didn’t leave the house till during lunch time. Ana’s Cafe & Espresso was inside a tiny plaza, next to a pet store. When we walked a lady was sitting at 1 of the table reading the newspapers. Wasn’t sure if she was Ana or not. She quickly got up and took our orders. Lucky for us, breakfast burrito seem to be an all day thing. About the size of your forearm and weighs as much as a fat cat, the breakfast burrito came with eggs, cheese and other fillings. I got mine with chorizo and potatoes.

I was pretty excited to dig into this monster but being cautious I only ate half of it, planned to eat the rest for a late night snack. The burrito was okay, didn’t really taste the chorizo and it was mostly potatoes.

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Working For Big Gay Ice Cream At Luckyrice

Night Market
Got an email from the guys at Big Gay Ice Cream asking if I wanted to help them at the Luckyrice David Chang Night Market. I replied “OF COURSE ANYTHING FOR YOU GUYS!” I don’t think I really typed in all CAPS but I definitely had all CAPS in my mind when I replied to them. I had heard about this Night Market thing but when I went to the website it was already sold out. But hey-yo! Thanks to Doug and Bryan I got to go even though my main job was to help them pass out samples and snap photos for them.

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