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The Big Gay Banana Sundae

Big Gay Ice Cream W.Village

The new West Village Big Gay Ice Cream spot has been opened for few weeks and the guys have been making new flavor ice cream almost every week. The space is bigger with benches and tables for people to sit down while they enjoy their ice cream. Though the biggest advantage of having a bigger space is the room to experiment. Doug and Bryan have been making ice cream flavors like coconut and hazelnut brownie. Yesterday Doug even tried making sundaes (vanilla ice cream, hazelnut brownie ice cream, awesomesauce, whipped cream and caramelized bananas).

Check out their new space and the banana sundae after the jump…
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LA Eats: The Food Porn Edition


I just came back from a 2 week time off in LA and it was FREAKING wonderful. Though it wasn’t all play. The first week I spent it with these guys (yes I was doing work) and the second week was a total tv on the couch time.

Besides eating burgers from In-N-Out and mom’s cooking, most of the meals I had were from places I have never been before. Luckily everything I ate during my 2 weeks in LA was mighty delicious.

Check out what I ate after the jump…
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The Big Gay Ice Cream Invades LA

Big Gay Ice Cream LA

I’m in LA, tagging along with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys with special guest Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina. It’s gonna be an awesome week and hopefully my LA friends will come out to hang and eat some tasty sweets!

Also while chilling at Duff Goldman’s new cake shop (Duff’s Cake Mix), I finally met my tv crush (Anna)!

Below is their schedule. Be sure to check their Twitter for up-to-date info, in case of possible location/time changes.

Duff’s Cake Mix 2:00-5:00pm
8302 Melrose Avenue @ N. Sweetzer Ave (map)

Kogi BBQ route 6:00-9:00pm
14209 Ventura Blvd @ Calhoun Ave, Sherman Oaks (map)

Kogi BBQ route 11:30am-2:30pm
Yahoo! Center, Broadway & 26th St, Santa Monica (map)

Heath Ceramics 4:00-7:00pm
7525 Beverly Blvd @ Sierra Bonita Ave (map)

World of Wonder Productions 12:00-4:00pm
6650 Hollywood Blvd @ N. Cherokee Ave, Hollywood CA, alleyway (map)

Graffiti Sublime Coffee Bar 5:00-8:00pm
180 S. La Brea Ave @ W. 2nd St, LA CA, parking lot (map)

Studio of Environmental Architecture 9:00-11:00pm
57 Market Street btw Pacific and Speeday, Venice (map)

10/26 FRIDAY
Private Event 12:00-2:00pm

Duff’s Cake Mix 3:00-4:30pm
8302 Melrose Avenue @ N. Sweetzer Ave (map)

Animal Restaurant 6:30-11:00pm
435 N. Fairfax, LA CA, parking at lot at Rosewood Ave (map)

Susan Feniger’s Street 12:00-3:00pm
742 N Highland Ave @ Waring Ave (map)

Faultline Bar 8:00pm-11:00pm
4216 Melrose Ave @ N. Vermont Ave (map)

The Great NYC Dessert Round-Up (Summer 2012 Edition)

As the weather gets warmer, my desire for cool, sweet treats grows exponentially (and it’s already pretty high). Here, in chronological order, are some of the best desserts I’ve enjoyed over the last month. We start with the After School Special, a pie from Four & 20 Blackbirds that’s only available on Tuesdays. At the bottom is a layer of peanut butter, then honey, then sliced bananas, then banana cream, then a huge layer of whipped cream. It’s one of the best pies I’ve eaten from Four & 20, and unlike most of their other pies it’s served cool out of the refrigerator.

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The Choinkwich

2 years ago at the 2009 Vendy Awards, I had my 1st Choinkwich. If you don’t know what a Choinkwich…well..it’s an ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies, chocolate soft serve and a layer of caramelized bacon. Doug and Bryan occasionally would have it at the truck but with their limited space it was difficult to make. Fast forward to now and with the brand spanking new Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened on 7th St in the East Village, the Choinkwich has finally made it to the permanent menu. But with a new shop came a new Choinkwich. The Treats Truck still provides the cookies but it’s bigger than before and instead of caramelized bacon, they are using a made-just-for-Big-Gay-Ice-Cream version of Bacon Marmalade. The new version is pretty damn awesome. It’s salty, bacony, chocolatey, sweet and……..messy. Make sure to grab extra napkins.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop 125 E 7th St, East Village

Dawn Davenport

Dawn Davenport
Only the Big Gay Ice Cream can think of something like this. Dawn Davenport a devil dog, vanilla ice cream, crushed cherries, whipped cream and hot fudge. Like wow! It was like whole meal. I never had or heard of a devil dog before.

*Idea. What if he puts a Twinkie into a Salty Pimp?

BIG congrads to them for being 1 of the 5 dessert finalists at this year’s Vendy Awards. They better win this year!
Big Gay Ice CreamBig Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream, find him at Union Square on most days

Banana Cocoa Puree Ice Cream And Fried Chicken

The Redhead
Continuing my story about taking my friend, Virginia, to eat in NYC. I REALLY wanted her to try Big Gay Ice Cream truck but the first night we hung out, we got to Union Square after 8pm. By then the truck was already gone. The next day I decided that we should get ice cream first THEN dinner. Smart move I know. Also the night before I had received a tweet from the ice cream man himself that there will be banana cocoa puree as a topping, one of my favorite topping. He rarely has this. Few weeks earlier he had told me that he’s actually not a big fan of bananas. Why?! Bananas are great!

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