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LA Eats: The Food Porn Edition


I just came back from a 2 week time off in LA and it was FREAKING wonderful. Though it wasn’t all play. The first week I spent it with these guys (yes I was doing work) and the second week was a total tv on the couch time.

Besides eating burgers from In-N-Out and mom’s cooking, most of the meals I had were from places I have never been before. Luckily everything I ate during my 2 weeks in LA was mighty delicious.

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Lake Trout And Blue Collar Good Job

Blue Collar Good Job

Is 160 Havemeyer St in south Williamsburg the foodiest address? There’s already Nha Toi, a Vietnamese joint serving not-so-traditional food like a fried duck egg banh mi. I still haven’t been but from what James Boo said, I should’ve gone asap 2 years ago.

So why do I think 160 Havemeywer is the foodiest address? Well both newly opened Lake Trout and Blue Collar Good Job also have the same address.

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Plan Check

Plan Check

This month old restaurant is doing something fantastic. Located on Sawtelle Blvd in West L.A., the atmosphere and staff were causal and friendly. The menu was not overly complicated and had just the right amount of items. Definitely go with a group so you can try out many of the dishes/sandwiches/burgers. So sit back, grab a beer (I had a delicious Strand Brewery 24th St. Pale Ale), eat delicious food and enjoy the LA weather.

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Oh dude, couple weeks ago I had an amazing meal at Whitehall in the West Village. Last month I was lucky enough to have spent few hours in the kitchen taking some photos. Everything that went out of the kitchen looked and smell soooo good. So unlike many restaurants where I say I would eventually go but rarely do, I made sure I would visit Whitehall within the month.

Check out what my friends and I ate after the jump.

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M.Wells Was….Swell?

Spaghetti Bolognese sandwich

So when the news broke that M.Wells in Long Island City was closing due to their landlord raising the rent, the entire blogging community decided to eat at M.Wells all at once. Obviously I’m guilty of that. I’ve actually been meaning to go but something else always came up.

Well anyways, I finally made it and I don’t know. I have friends that LOVE M.Wells and I have heard crappy things about M.Wells. After eating there I definitely think that it is overhyped BUT not by much. There were couple things that were okay but then there were couple things that were OH.SO.GOOD.

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Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

What do you do when you have one weekday off? Laundry? Watch 8hrs of Netflix Instant? Cook? Just be lazy? Actually I did all of that plus a quick trip out to Rockaway Beach. Yep the beach. I’m not a big fan of beaches but do enjoy walking along boardwalks. Another thing I do enjoy is eating along the boardwalk. This summer, I’m sure most of you know this by now, few of our favorite Brooklyn based food people took over the concession stands at the Rockaway Beach boardwalk. Yep that was the only reason why I went to the beach, to eat.

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Bacon Marmalade

Bacon marmalade
Bacon Marmalade. Someone should write a song about Bacon Marmalade.

Bacon Marmalade was created by Chef Ross Hutchison, you can check out his story on Food Curated. I bought a jar over at Eastern District and began to think of different ways to use this tiny golden jar of porkiness. Similar to my posts about Pad Thai sauce, curry sauce and pork butt, I wanted to use the bacon marmalade in different dishes, different ways of cooking it and maybe use it in some weird way (like whipped cream).

Let’s see what I came up with