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Meat Dumplings At Karloff

Meat dumplings
Happy Christmas Eve! It’s cold outside and I hear it’s gonna get colder next week with possible snow. Well you know when it gets cold most people tend to crave for heartier foods like stews and such. At Karloff, besides serving some great latkes, they also serve stroganoff, stews, dumplings and other non latkes stuff. So just a week after my 1st visit I took a friend there for dinner. Well our goal that night was to have dinner at Mile End but they were PACKED!!!

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Chicken Stroganoff From The Schnitzel Truck

Chicken StroganoffChicken Stroganoff
How do you make me walk 14 blocks and 1 avenue to get lunch? Have frakkin’ chicken stroganoff, another fine recipe from Mama Bear or Mama Schnitzel or Mama Oleg. I sadly missed out of the lamb stew from last time and I heard many praises for it and that made me more sad. So when I found out that they were going to serve one of my FAVORITE dishes I had to go get some. What’s not to love about creamy mushroom sauce and chicken served with fries?! It had so many levels of deliciousness. The sauce was perfect but I did wish the mushrooms were a little bit bigger.

Steps to eating fries and chicken stroganoff. Fork stab stab stab at fries then fork stab stab stab at chicken stroganoff and then into mouth. Repeat.

Can’t wait to see what Oleg and family will be serving next time.

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