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Fried Chicken: Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken

Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken

I LOVE YOU CHARLES! How can you not love Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken, a place that churns out great food and great fried chicken? Also for $13, you can do the all-you-eat and stuff yourself silly.

I have read many reviews about this place, some say it’s the best fried chicken while some complain about the actual tininess of the space and the use of heat lamps. All I can tell you is that, both times I went was right when they open on the weekends. I don’t know the quality of the chicken in the afternoon or at night. I can only tell you how the food tasted at 12:30p and it tasted great.

If you have never been to Charles’, you should know that this is not fried to order chicken. It’ll most likely be sitting inside the fried chicken case with heat lamps above it, keeping the pieces of wings, drumsticks, thighs and breast warm. Getting there right when they open is your best bet for getting some fresh hot fried chicken. There’s also the steam table full of mac n’cheese, collard greens, black-eyed peas, rice, okra and one time there was even a whole ham. Yes, if you pay $13 for the buffet, even the ham is all-you-can-eat. The fried chicken, with near perfect crispy non-greasy skin, was great but the both times I had them, I thought it needed just a little bit more salt in the meat. Though I just squirted some hot sauce and everything was just fine. The food on the steam table was pretty standard stuff which you can skip if your main goal is the fried chicken but I can’t say no to all-you-can-eat mac n’cheese!

What I really love about Charles’, besides the all-you-can-eat, is the relaxed atmosphere. I know that isn’t for everybody but I love walking in with couple friends, grab a big plate of fried chicken, stack them up real high, and just sit there for hours eating and eating. No fuss, no one to bother you, no need to deal with attitudes. And the best thing, after eating 9 pieces of fried chicken, I did not feel gross or wanted to die which is pretty important for buffets.

Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken 2839 Frederick Douglass Blvd #1, Harlem, New York

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Ted Allen And Pepcid Tastemaker


Few weeks ago, I was invited to an interesting event. The Tastemaker dinner, hosted by Chopped’s Ted Allen, took place at Pok Pok NY in Brooklyn. When I got the invite, I wasn’t too sure what it was about especially when the event was from Pepcid (yes the heartburn medicine) and Eater. Thai food doesn’t make me think heartburn and was Andy Ricker suppose to cook the whole dinner from a mystery basket?

I’ve never been to Pok Pok NY and have heard so many great things about it, I decided to check out this event. The night started off with cocktails, signing waiver forms and getting your table number. The bar, the tables and even the restrooms had bottles of Pepcid lying around. Finally, Ted Allen gave a quick speech and afterwards we all sat down at our tables. Dinner was served family style and we all enjoyed yam samun phrai (a herbal salad), Ike’s Vietnamese fish sauce wings, sai ua samun phrai (Thai sausage with chicharron and curry), phak buung fai daeng (stir fried bok choy with chillies), plaa neung bui (whole steamed striped bass with preserved plums), kai yaang tua (whole roasted chicken), and sangkhaya fak thong (sticky rice with pumpkin and palm sugar custard).

Thank you to Eater, Pepcid, Ted Allen and the Pok Pok NY crew for a great night and good food. Everyone was super nice and always great to meet other food people. I can’t say that the meal was amazing like how other people had talked about it but it was definitely good. While everyone was crazy over the chicken wings (I thought they were too salty), I was all over the stir fried bok choy and the salad. Crunchy, light, refreshing, and went so well with the sticky rice. The other dishes were pretty good. I mean, I’m pretty familiar with the flavors so the dishes were good but nothing truly jumped out at me as WOW. I did surprised myself by eating the dessert. If you don’t know, I hate Asian desserts but I didn’t want to offend anyone so I gave it a try and….it wasn’t too bad. The custard was darn tasty.

Thank you to Hunter Public Relations for the invite. I’ve always wanted to try Pok Pok NY and I finally did. Definitely good to have them in the neighborhood.

Pok Pok NY 117 Columbia St, Brooklyn

Fried Chicken: The Breslin

The Breslin

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about The Breslin doing a summer fried chicken feast for $50 per person. $50 per person is a lot of money for just fried chicken, especially when I can get cheaper meals and a lot easier to get it without having to find at least 5 other friends willing to pay $50. But for research sake and with the help of my fried chicken eating crew to back me up, I decided to go ahead and reserve a fried chicken feast for 10 people.

But while I was doing research for this fried chicken feast, I couldn’t find any review on it. I wanted to find out from other food bloggers if they thought $50 for fried chicken was worth it or not but nope, couldn’t find much on the internet. Does this mean no one had done it? I was a little worried. But it was too late, It was too late to back out. So at 8pm few Tuesdays ago, 10 of us was about to find out what this fried chicken feast was all about.

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Fried Chicken: Behind The Scenes At City Grit

City Grit Fried Chicken

Here’s the first behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite places for fried chicken. Last week I talked about Sarah Simmons of City Grit and the crazy good fried chicken she makes. This week, we take a peek into the City Grit kitchen with Sarah and her crew prepping and cooking one of her most popular dinners, the Sunday Supper. Also I got a chance to ask Sarah few questions about fried chicken.

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Fried Chicken: City Grit

City Grit Fried Chicken
Sarah Simmons, founder of City Grit, is one awesome chef. Her dinners at City Grit, a culinary salon, range from clam bakes to vegetarian dinners to Chinese New Year dinner with a southern twist, all cooked to perfection. And most nights guest chefs from around the country get to take over the kitchen and churn out one of a kind dinners. But it is her fried chicken that brings me back to City Grit. I’ve had it 3 times now and it is just so damn good.

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Fried Chicken: Buttermilk Channel At Smorgasburg


When Buttermilk Channel first opened in Carroll Gardens, all I heard about it was the chicken and cheddar waffles they served. Everyone was raving about how crazy delicious the dish was. Though I had no intention to wait hours for brunch and also I live walking distance from it so I thought…. “yeah one of these days I’ll just wake up early and waltz down for brunch.” Of course that never happened. But FINALLY, Howard had to write about it for the vegetarian column for Serious Eats and so we braved the dinner crowd.

By the time Howard and I went for dinner, Buttermilk Channel had already been opened for few years. I had high hopes for the chicken and cheddar waffles but ultimately the dish totally let me down. The outer layer of the chicken was almost rock solid and after few bites, I wanted to give up. I sort of left the restaurant annoyed and decided to never go back. Later I found out the original chef had moved onto Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope, which might have been the reason why the food we ate that night was just alright.

But of course never say never. With this fried chicken project, I decided I have to go back to Buttermilk Channel to give it one more try. BUT FIRST, I decided to try their outpost at the Smorgasburg because 1) it’s a lot easier than to wait hours and hours for a table 2) I know I’ll be getting a freshly fried fried chicken within minutes 3) sitting by the water in Brooklyn Bridge Park always a win.

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Fried Chicken: Hill Country Chicken

Hill Country Chicken

When Hill Country Chicken first opened, I was pretty excited (I mean any new fried chicken joint opening is pretty exciting). A restaurant dedicated to just serving fried chicken, all day long. Heaven? If you’re not familiar with Hill Country Chicken, it was opened by the same owners as Hill Country BBQ down the street in the Flatiron District. It has that comfy southern home and super casual vibe going on. They do 2 types of chicken there. Classic is simply double coated and fried with the skin on with a bit of seasoning. The Mama Els’ version is skinless but coated in a cracker crust and deep fried. I have tried both versions and I definitely prefer the classic. Nothing beats crispy chicken skin. One thing I like about Hill Country Chicken is the ability to buy just wings or just thighs. I’m a dark meat lover so if I can avoid it, I like to not eat the breast meat.

I had pretty good experiences at Hill Country BBQ so I assumed the chicken would just be as good and I was right. It was a treat to easily walk from my office to the Flatiron District for crispy and delicious fried chicken. Then like everything else, I had moved on and hadn’t been back for few years. So when I started this fried chicken project, the first place I went was Hill Country Chicken.

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