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Seattle Day 2: Crumpets, Bao, Oysters, And Spicy Meatballs

The Walrus & the Carpenter
Even though I have traveled alone before I have always had friends whom I was staying with to hang out with. This trip to Seattle was my very 1st time traveling alone alone and it was fantastic. I woke up whenever I wanted, did whatever I wanted and went wherever I wanted. It was nice to go at my own pace. The lone traveler, sitting at the bar drinking and randomly chatting with other people at the bar. I need to do it more often, need to be more out of my comfort zone.

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Crumpets, Creme, And Jam

Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam!
Crumpets Creme & Jam
I can chant that FOREVER! Last week a friend tweeted that they got crumpets from Trader Joe’s. So when I was at Trader Joe’s the other night I tried to find some. Of course they were out of crumpets but there was a whole pile of cinnamon crumpets. Better than no crumpets, so I got a pack. 1 pack comes with 6 crumpets. They look like a hybrid of an English muffin and pancakes. The next morning I sliced a crumpet into 2 halves, it was hard to do without a super sharp knife but I managed. Got a pan nice and hot, added butter to the pan and placed the 2 halves into the pan. Just toast them till nice and crunchy. I don’t have a toaster oven so I used a pan. Once they were done I took them off the plate and smeared creme fraiche and topped it off with strawberry jam from Trader Joe’s. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S-! Really loved the different temperatures hot crumpets with cold creme fraiche and room temperature jam. Wonderful!

I think next time I’ll grate some lemon zest into the creme fraiche, it lacks flavors or use mascarpone cheese. *Sigh of if I can find some real clotted cream.