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Portokalopita From Uncle Gussy’s

Portokalopita aka Greek orange cake

I’m telling you Uncle Gussy’s in midtown can do no wrong. Last time I wrote about their tasty grilled pork chop with oven roasted lemon potatoes, well I have fallen in love with another tasty treat. Portokalopita aka Greek orange cake. Basically it’s made by shredding phyllo dough then mixing in a batter and baked. To finish, an orange flavored syrup is poured over the cake.

The version from Uncle Gussy’s is so damn freakin good. I should really get two slices next time. It’s light and pillowy with great orange flavor. Makes a great afternoon snack with that cup of 3pm coffee.

The portokalopita is a special, so follow them on Twitter to find out when they will have it again.

Also, congrats to Uncle Gussy’s for being one of the finalist for this year’s Vendy Awards.

The Great NYC Dessert Round-Up (Summer 2012 Edition)

As the weather gets warmer, my desire for cool, sweet treats grows exponentially (and it’s already pretty high). Here, in chronological order, are some of the best desserts I’ve enjoyed over the last month. We start with the After School Special, a pie from Four & 20 Blackbirds that’s only available on Tuesdays. At the bottom is a layer of peanut butter, then honey, then sliced bananas, then banana cream, then a huge layer of whipped cream. It’s one of the best pies I’ve eaten from Four & 20, and unlike most of their other pies it’s served cool out of the refrigerator.

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Cookies & Cream At Dessert Club, ChikaLicious

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that even in winter, I love eating ice cream. Who doesn’t, amirite? Well after reading my friend Robyn’s post about the sundaes at Dessert Club, ChikaLicious (not to be confused with ChikaLicious Dessert Bar, across the street), I made a mental note to visit the place. I found myself in the East Village right before New Year’s, and I made it my business to try the Cookies & Cream sundae: vanilla bean soft serve with huge chunks of freshly baked cookies spread throughout. Yes, it was as good as it sounds.

Dessert Club, ChikaLicious — 204 E. 10th St

Bunuelos From La Newyorkina


If you were wondering what’s going to happen to La Newyorkina, makers of delicious paletas, once the weather gets cold? Well wonder no more! Just few days ago they debut their new stand selling Mexican sweets on The Highline. You can read a quick interview with chef Fany Gerson here about the sweets.

I made a quick stop on my way to the East Village to check out the stand. There were too many sweet stuff to choose from, I plan to try them all, but I ended up get a plate of bunuelos for $3. Bunuelo is basically a flat piece of dough, fried then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It was so good and crunchy and cinnamonly. I bet it goes awesome with a cup of their hot chocolate.

La Newyorkina on The Highline (right above 15th St)

Bread Pudding at La Gran Via

A few weeks ago I walked down Brooklyn’s 5th Ave from 14th St to about 65th St. It was a great way to see a cross section of Brooklyn; from the nouveau-hipster South Slope, through the industrial wasteland of Green-Wood, to the Latin American side of Sunset Park, and just to the edge of Italian Bay Ridge. Along the way I stopped into La Gran Via Bakery, just across the street from Sunset Park, and for a mere $1 I got a slice of this impossibly rich and creamy bread pudding. I took it to the park and enjoyed some of the best views of NYC while enjoying some of the best bread puddings I’ve ever had — ain’t Brooklyn great?

La Gran Via — 4516 5th Ave, Brooklyn

Yogurt Honey Sherbet From Peels

Peels Ice Cream Social

Last Friday was Peels’ Ice Cream Social where they were introducing their different flavors of ice cream and sorbet and all the cones were half off! If you didn’t get to go to the social, it’s alright. They will have ice cream from 11a to 9pm everyday.

Yogurt Honey Sorbet

All of the flavors sounded so good but recently I’ve been on a honey kick so I got the yogurt honey sherbet. Howard has been making ice cream at home and I gave him the idea of making something really tart but he thought I was crazy. So when I tasted the yogurt honey sherbet and found it really really tart in a good way, I was happy! There needs to be more tart ice cream/sherbet!

Peels 325 Bowery, NYC

Banana Honey Cone From Miss Softee

Banana Honey cone from Miss Softee

This past Saturday I was at the Midtown Lunch 5 Year Birthday Party and everything was fantastic. The foods were awesome, people were more chill than at other food events and there was more talking than standing in line for food.

My last bite at the event was an ice cream cone from Chrissy, Miss Softee herself. She doesn’t run a truck anymore but has her own team of Miss Softees, the Rolling Cones. I’ve never had an ice cream cone from Miss Softee and decided to get……….OF COURSE the banana honey cone. So it’s honey on vanilla ice cream with a layer of banana nut cheerios. It was delicious! It was sweet and sugary which later I was tempted to buy a box of banana nut cheerios at the supermarket.

Follow the Rolling Cones on Twitter to see where the trucks are.