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Fried Chicken: Buttermilk Channel At Smorgasburg


When Buttermilk Channel first opened in Carroll Gardens, all I heard about it was the chicken and cheddar waffles they served. Everyone was raving about how crazy delicious the dish was. Though I had no intention to wait hours for brunch and also I live walking distance from it so I thought…. “yeah one of these days I’ll just wake up early and waltz down for brunch.” Of course that never happened. But FINALLY, Howard had to write about it for the vegetarian column for Serious Eats and so we braved the dinner crowd.

By the time Howard and I went for dinner, Buttermilk Channel had already been opened for few years. I had high hopes for the chicken and cheddar waffles but ultimately the dish totally let me down. The outer layer of the chicken was almost rock solid and after few bites, I wanted to give up. I sort of left the restaurant annoyed and decided to never go back. Later I found out the original chef had moved onto Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope, which might have been the reason why the food we ate that night was just alright.

But of course never say never. With this fried chicken project, I decided I have to go back to Buttermilk Channel to give it one more try. BUT FIRST, I decided to try their outpost at the Smorgasburg because 1) it’s a lot easier than to wait hours and hours for a table 2) I know I’ll be getting a freshly fried fried chicken within minutes 3) sitting by the water in Brooklyn Bridge Park always a win.

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One Girl Cookies Opens In Dumbo

One Girl Cookies Dumbo

Last Friday I got invited to the One Girl Cookies Dumbo store opening party. What an awesome January 2012 for my friends, a book and a new store! Their new Dumbo store is nothing like their Boerum Hill store. The new store is airy, has high ceiling and has an industrial feel to it (very appropriate for Dumbo). The store officially opens this Wednesday 2/1 (33 Main St), so make sure to go check it out!

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Food Truck Drive-In

New York Food Film Fest Food Truck Drive-in
This past weekend was the 4th annual New York Food Film Festival. Basically they show food related films and people come and watch and eat. There were about half a dozen different events throughout the city but I only went to the food truck drive-in on Saturday. In the end this event was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they’re fix it somehow for next year. One of the few problems the event had was that it never got crowded which was good for me because I hate crowds but that left a lot of the food vendors standing around waiting for customers to come. Few of the vendors even packed up and left early. It was a free event but they capped the number of tickets to 3000. Later the event even tweeted that they were opening it up to the public. Also the event was a bit tooooooo long, noon to 10pm.

Though few of the vendors, the Cooking Channel gave free popsicles from People’s Pops, The Krave Truck and Wafels & Dinges, had a constant stream of customers. I definitely was guilty of being in those lines. Sooorrrrryyyyyy but The Krave Truck is like the closest we have to the Kogi Truck and they’re from New Jersey. Also who doesn’t want free popsicles?

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Working For Big Gay Ice Cream At Luckyrice

Night Market
Got an email from the guys at Big Gay Ice Cream asking if I wanted to help them at the Luckyrice David Chang Night Market. I replied “OF COURSE ANYTHING FOR YOU GUYS!” I don’t think I really typed in all CAPS but I definitely had all CAPS in my mind when I replied to them. I had heard about this Night Market thing but when I went to the website it was already sold out. But hey-yo! Thanks to Doug and Bryan I got to go even though my main job was to help them pass out samples and snap photos for them.

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Eggs Benedict w/ bacon and waffles
Bubby’s is a mystery to me. It sits on a corner in DUMBO right by the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Has GREAT GREAT views, giant windows on all sides for maximum natural light and scenery viewing, one of the biggest restaurants ever!, affordable, and best of all fantastic food. My general impression of big restaurants (big meaning the amount of square footage it has) is usually a soulless and non personal entity that only serves crappy food at high prices. But Bubby’s is something different. I walk in and feel refreshed from the high ceiling and the abundant natural light. The hostess and waiters are always friendly. The food is so very good and the amount of food that they give you for the price they’re charging, am I dreaming? I always barely finish my plate of food because there’s just so much! Plus they give you biscuits and jam to start off! Hell yeah!
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