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Reynards With Friends


This is usually what happens when I eat out with my friends. Fingers pointing at the food. And they usually like to keep pointing until I snap a photo. Sometimes we have a battle on which of us will give in first, like a staring contest.

Last week we went to check out Reynards (and The Ides bar while we were waiting for out table) at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Being part of the Diner, Marlow and Sons…empire, the food was great and I may have had the most delicious Dark and Stormy ever. The night included pitchers of wine, perfectly cooked octopus and a comforting chicken dish.

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Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe

Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe

This meal took place right after my family and I ate at Plan Check. So………….I thought we were gonna go light but knowing us (our eyes are hungrier than our tummies) I should’ve known better.

Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe is located in Santa Monica. The space was actually quite nice and the atmosphere was very causal. The counter was lined with baked goods like croissants, chocolate croissants, cakes, tarts…etc and behind the counter were beautiful looking breads all sitting on shelves. The thing to do here is get in line. People behind the counter will take your order and after you pay they will give you a number. They’re not big on people sitting down first since the tables are for paid customers. But there was a sort of hostess, after you pay, to find you a table.

I wasn’t sure what my sister had ordered but I asked for a chocolate croissant. Eventually we were given a table outside on the street. Once the food started coming, I regret eating way too much just 30mins before that.

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Mussel Omelette

Mussel Omelette

So I made mussels with a green curry broth the other night but I couldn’t eat a whole 2lbs of mussels by myself. What to do with leftover mussels? Have you ever had an oyster omelette? I decided to make a mussel omelette. I whisked 2 eggs and added some of the green curry broth for extra flavors. Seasoned the eggs mixture. In a hot pan add oil and add the mussels. Cooked them for a minute and poured in the eggs. I flipped it, or tried to, once the bottom was set. Once I flipped it, I turned off the heat. I didn’t want to over cook the thing. I ate it over rice with a nice squirt of sriracha.

Also I added some frozen peas just for the heck of it.

Prime Meats For Lunch

Prime Meats

When my younger sister said she was visiting, I knew exactly where to take her for a weekday lunch. Though yes it was more about me wanting to go to Prime Meats than actually trying to find a restaurant she may actually like. Luckily she’s a meat eater like I am, I was pretty sure she’ll find something good on the menu. And I think I pretty much guessed what sort of restaurant she prefers.

Anyways, ever since I got laid off in December 2010, I had a plan to try the restaurants in my neighborhood that are always busy during dinner and brunch hours. Sadly I still haven’t started that plan yet, hopefully this trip to Prime Meats will trigger it.

My sister ended up getting the steak (rare) and eggs plus a side of avocado while I got wild mushrooms with a poached egg and Hofbrau House bratwurst plus a side of thick cut bacon (oohh yeah!). After taking a bite of the mushroom, I was surprised by my dish and Prime Meats overall.

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Mile End Delicatessen

Breakfast sandwich
Oh Mile End, I like how you bring a TON of people onto Hoyt Street every weekend during brunch hours. No I don’t actually. I hate waiting with big crowds, I’m hungry and I want to eat right away but for some odd reason I don’t mind waiting for dim sum. Weird. Anyways the only time I’ve been to Mile End was just to go and pick up my Montreal bagels.

Yes I’ve been wanting to go try Mile End for a while now but they close too damn early everyday and with the crowds over the weekend I’ll never get to go! Oh wait they just did announce their brand spankin new dinner hours! w00t! Maybe now I can get my smoked meat finally?

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