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International Pickle Day & the Hester Street Fair

Way back in September, when I went to the Apples on Orchard festival, I was excited to learn that there was going to be the 10th Annual International Pickle Day just a few weeks later. I roped Donny into attending with me, though he joined me with the qualifier that he wanted to go to the Hester Street Fair afterward. Looking back at my photos (…from a month ago…) I’m having a hard time distinguishing from between all of the pickles, so I’ll just discuss the highlights, the lowlights, and whatever else I actually remember.

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Food Truck Drive-In

New York Food Film Fest Food Truck Drive-in
This past weekend was the 4th annual New York Food Film Festival. Basically they show food related films and people come and watch and eat. There were about half a dozen different events throughout the city but I only went to the food truck drive-in on Saturday. In the end this event was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they’re fix it somehow for next year. One of the few problems the event had was that it never got crowded which was good for me because I hate crowds but that left a lot of the food vendors standing around waiting for customers to come. Few of the vendors even packed up and left early. It was a free event but they capped the number of tickets to 3000. Later the event even tweeted that they were opening it up to the public. Also the event was a bit tooooooo long, noon to 10pm.

Though few of the vendors, the Cooking Channel gave free popsicles from People’s Pops, The Krave Truck and Wafels & Dinges, had a constant stream of customers. I definitely was guilty of being in those lines. Sooorrrrryyyyyy but The Krave Truck is like the closest we have to the Kogi Truck and they’re from New Jersey. Also who doesn’t want free popsicles?

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LA Street Food Fest

LA Street Food FestLA Street Food Fest
How do you want to f–k with people? How do you make people regret paying $30 for a VIP ticket? How do you make people feel like they wasted their day standing in 1 line for 3 hours just to eat few bites? I guess it was pretty easy at the first LA Street Food Fest that was held today in downtown LA.

I admit that it was a great idea and mad props for the people to pull this whole event off. BUT I did not see any sort of planning on their part. On their site it said “Get ready to eat your heart out” well I didn’t really eat my heart out. I only had the patient to stand in line for 1 truck. I know I know I can’t blame them for my inpatient but it’s really no fair to the attendees and to the truck vendors when they don’t try to have a manageable number of attendees. People were sad to be turned away and frustrated to be in line for 2.5hrs for food. And when the trucks run out of food, who will the people blame? The food trucks of course. It was said that 15,000 people passed through the gate today. If you’re a truck vendor how do you prepare for that? You want to keep the line moving but you can only move so fast. I am still reading a lot of angry tweet about today.

So VIP. General admission was $5 and VIP was $30. Good thing I got a media pass and did not have to pay that stupid $30. For $30 you get a private bar, a lady chatting with you about her fake grass, a patio with a stupid view, a gift bag, and restrooms. I felt bad for the $5 people, where will they pee? Probably the best part with as a vip was to try dim sum from the Dim Sum truck. I’ll write about what I ate in a later post. Just those few things, how does that considered as VIP? VIP means F U I’m gonna go cut that long line! Nope, no cutting. You still had to stand in those long lines.

Also this was not a celebration of street food in LA. Where were the taco trucks?

This was quite sad. Also it took me 30mins just to find a stupid parking and I had to pay $7 for it. Argh LA!!!!!

Baltimore Eats – Fells Point Fun Festival

As I mentioned in my previous Baltimore Eats post, the weekend that I was in Baltimore was the same weekend as the Fells Point Fun Festival. While looking for breakfast I happened to have found it but it was too early. The vendors were just setting up but I did see giant chunks of meat getting ready to be BBQ’d. After getting breakfast and trying out my first ever scrapple I walked back to the hotel and was stuck watching Sky High on HBO. Yeah I just couldn’t get myself to stop watching it and actually be out doing something. What finally did get me out of the hotel was hunger. Again I had no idea what to eat for lunch but I knew where to go back to Fells Point to check out the festival.
Fells PointFells Point
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