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What Summer Tastes Like At Glasserie


As I was staring at the bowl of grilled tomatoes, peaches with sweet corn, yogurt and basil, I thought to myself…”wow, this is summer in a bowl” and it was mighty delicious. So my sister was in town for NY Fashion Week and I took her out to dinner. I really wanted to her see and try Glasserie, especially right after the NY Times review that came out last week.

Just like the last time I was at Glasserie, right when they opened, Sara Kramer once again blew my mind with her food. And this time, it wasn’t just how freakin good everything tasted but just how BEAUTIFUL everything looked. This is like a food photographer’s dream.

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There was still the smell of fresh paint when I walked into Glasserie last week. The room was quiet and beautiful, especially the natural light that fell onto my table as I sat there waiting for Howard. I didn’t go to Glasserie to try a new restaurant instead I was there to support and cheer on a friend.

I met Sara Kramer at Allswell and quickly found out we have few mutual friends. And here she was, 2 years later, running her own kitchen.

I knew our meal was going to be good but I wasn’t expecting Sara to blow our freakin minds away. We started off with a dish of lightly grilled radishes, warm and crunchy, served with feta, mint leaves and a sprinkle of za’atar. Both of us took a bite and both of our eyes widened with delight at the same time. I have never had radishes this good before. For my main course, I got the flatiron steak, cooked perfectly to medium rare. But trout roe and steak together? Yes, it works. Probably the most satisfying thing I have eaten so far this year were the three pieces of flaky bread. They were so good, I got a 2nd order. Warm and buttery, they were a perfect match for the cool and slightly tangy labneh. And for dessert, a delicious chocolate tart and a cup of strawberries with yogurt. Strawberries and yogurt may sound simple but Sara was able to make it something more.

Congrats again to Sara and the team at Glasserie. I am excited to see what else they’ll do/cook and I’ll definitely be back for more meals.

Check out what Howard thought over on his blog.

Glasserie 95 Commercial St. Greenpoint. – map