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LA Eats: Ricky’s Fish Taco

Ricky's Fish Tacos
I’ve been wanting to check out Ricky’s Fish Tacos ever since I read about him on Dylan Ho’s blog few years ago. Though without a Twitter account, it was a little difficult to track him down, especially it takes about an hour to go to LA from my parents’ house. But finally he joined Twitter and I was able to see if he’ll be out on the street serving his delicious fish, shrimp and some times lobster tacos. So last October, while I was out in LA with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, I drove to 1400 N. Virgil Ave in Los Feliz where Ricky was suppose to be. Sadly, after driving around the same corner a dozen times, I gave up and drove home.

This time, armed with my iPhone and Google Maps, I succeeded in locating him!

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Lake Trout And Blue Collar Good Job

Blue Collar Good Job

Is 160 Havemeyer St in south Williamsburg the foodiest address? There’s already Nha Toi, a Vietnamese joint serving not-so-traditional food like a fried duck egg banh mi. I still haven’t been but from what James Boo said, I should’ve gone asap 2 years ago.

So why do I think 160 Havemeywer is the foodiest address? Well both newly opened Lake Trout and Blue Collar Good Job also have the same address.

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Mary Queen Of Scots

Roasted pork belly
*This meal was eaten last year.

Howard: When Donny invited me to dinner at Mary Queen of Scots with our friends Mo and Etta, he mentioned that there was not a lot of vegetarian food on the menu. I was intrigued by what vegetarian food I did see, however, so I agreed to go. The two vegetarian options I wanted were both salads, though one was listed as an appetizer and the other a main, so I was able to order both. I also ordered a side of “Fried Boozy Brussels Sprouts” for the table.

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Van Horn

Van Horn
It is getting quite dangerous for my belly and my wallet. My wallet is slimming while my belly is filling. Brucie, which I love, is just right around the corner from my apartment. Then recently 61 Local, a damn damn good bar that I’ve already been to 3 times, opened on Bergen St and serves only beers from Brooklyn. Now Van Horn, a tasty North Carolina style sandwich shop, opened about 2 weeks ago right across from Brucie. It’s like the deadly trio.

So on the menu at Van Horn, there’s a fried chicken sandwich, fried fish sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, a bacon lettuce cheese sandwich and sides like collard greens, mac n’ cheese, hush puppies. The 1st time that I went to Van Horn, after drinking at 61 Local, I got the chicken sandwich. A big piece of fried chicken breast, topped with some slaw served on a nice squishy bun and pickle on the side. Now I’m not a fan of chicken breast just because it’s usually dry but this sandwich was great! After half way into the sandwich it got a little messy. But the piece of chicken was awesome and perfectly fried.

The 2nd time I went, I got the fried fish sandwich.

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Cod Schnitzel

Cod Schnitzel
FINALLY after many many attempts I got to try the cod schnitzel from Schnitzel & Things. As for the 2 sides I got potato and cucumber salad. I opened the lid to the pesto mayo and dunked a piece of cod into it and quickly took a bite. I have to say AMAZING! Great flavors like a punch in the face great flavors. And both the potato and cucumber salad went REALLY well with the cod because it sort of sooth your face from being punched by the cod. It was like I was riding a roller coaster, a super tasting roller coaster ride.

Schnitzel & Things Twitter


Fried fish sandwich
I just love anything thats Japanese. Anime, crazy tv shows, culture, technology, and of course food. Japanese chicken wings or tebasaki is pretty famous in Nagoya, Japan. My first exposure to these tasty chicken wings was at Furabio. They were sticky, sweet and covered in sesame seeds.

Few years ago, I had lunch with a friend. She brought me to Tebaya, a tiny shop that specializes in tebasaki. They also sell yummie sandwiches. I remember it being quite good so last last Friday I had lunch with my friend, Steph. She works close to Tebaya so that was another reason why I wanted to go there.

I was excited to go there because I wanted to try the cream crab croquette sandwich. When I walked up to the counter I was ready to order that sandwich in a combo that came with 2 wings, a salad and a drink. Sadly the lady told me they don’t make that anymore so I ended up get the same combo but with a fried fish sandwich.

We had to wait a bit for our lunches. The salad was just your typical Japanese salad and it was a bit sad looking. The sandwich looked pretty big but it was mostly bun. The piece of fried fish was a little too thin. But the bread was great. I really love Asian bread, they tend to be on the chewier side. The wings were pretty good as well.

Overall it seemed everything was okay. I remembered loving the place the first time. I’ll probably go back again for their sandwiches, love love the bread.

– Tebaya 144 W. 19th St New York