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Lunch At Potlikker

Recently Potlikker in Williamsburg started serving lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. I decided to check it out because 1) I love eating during lunch time more than dinner time 2) they have a fried chicken sandwich!

The fried chicken was lightly breaded and fried and it came with a layer of goat cheese and hot pepper jelly ($12). This sandwich was simple, delicious and spicy. I’m usually not a fan of goat cheese but there was just enough for me to tolerate it and it did help cool down the spiciness of the hot pepper jelly. Also my lunch came with a bowl of curly fries. Curly fries will always be cooler than regular fries but waffle fries still trump all.

Oh and a pint of Left Hand Milk Stout was a great way to wash everything down.

Potlikker 338 Bedford Ave (between S. 2nd St and S. 3rd St) Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Crif Dogs

Crif Dog

I don’t eat enough hot dogs. Seriously, why are hot dogs only popular during the grilling season? It’s making me hungry for a hot dog RIGHT NOW. It is great as is plain but of course there are so much stuff you can put on it to make it even better (grilled onions, chili, mayo, nori flakes, cheese).

The other day I stopped by Crif Dogs in the East Village to grab a late lunch. I have tried few of their dogs but I usually just stick with the Good Morning which is bacon wrapped dog with cheese and a fried egg. It’s a simple combination but a wonderful one. The bacon was cooked till crispy (for easy biting) and was salty bacony good. Also they have tater tots! And if you like…you can add cheese to the tots! Though this time around I tried their fries (their fries equal waffle fries, a PLUS) with cheese. I got a large and it was plenty of fries, enough for two or more people.

This place is tiny and gets pack most of the time so prepare to wait for your dogs. But while you wait, you can play a game or two of Double Dragon (arcade form).

Crif Dogs 113 St. Marks Pl East Village
555 Driggs Ave Williamsburg

John Brown Smokehouse

John Brown Smokehouse

After eating at SriPraPhai in Woodside, Queens, my next Queens stop was……….the Butcher Bar. I was pretty excited to try this place and had made plans with friends to try it. Seeing all those delicious looking photos, I had my mind set on the PBLT sandwich and some double smoked burnt ends. Though just a few hours before heading out to Astoria, the INTERNET spoke and said that I should go to John Brown Smokehouse instead. Being a cheap aZZ, the cheaper price at John Brown Smokehouse quickly won my over.

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Steak Frites At Steak Frites

Steak frites

Long time ago (2010) my friends and I started a steak frites club where we go to restaurants and eat…..steak frites. The last time we did this (and also our first time) was at Moutarde in Park Slope. Well yes it took us till 2012 to have our 2nd meating (definitely my fault) and thanks to Corrine for scoring a table at Steak Frites during Restaurant Week.

Few months ago a friend had suggested getting dinner at Steak Frites but when I told her about reading mixed reviews we ended up going somewhere else. So I found myself having not too high expectations when I agreed to have dinner there for our steak frites club. But if you’re going to have a steak frites club, eventually you’ll have to go to Steak Frites.

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Lobster Joint

Lobster Joint

I love fish and chips and yes I have been to both Chip Shops in Brooklyn. Fish and chips is something that I get whenever I see it on a menu, though of course depending on where I am. I’m not going to order fish and chips at a burger joint but I will order fish and chips at an Irish Pub. Anyways, so last week I found myself having lunch with a friend at Lobster Joint, conveniently close to Eastern District in Greenpoint. So how was the food? Here’s what my friend had to say about her lobster roll.

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Bill’s Bar And Burger

Bill's Bar & Burger
Back in 2009, A Hamburger Today (Serious Eats) broke the news of a new burger place opening up in the Chelsea/Meatpacking district, I was delighted. And after reading Adam’s review where he basically said the burgers at Bill’s were on the same level of tastiness as Shake Shack. Damn! Those are some strong words and I gotta try it.

Okkkk so fast forward to March 2011. Yeah took me this long but I finally made it. I got the Classic and a side of disco fries. I was surprised to see how tiny the burger was considering it was $6.50. As for the taste, it did taste like I was eating a shack burger but what also makes a shack burger good is the use of potato buns.

Though the disco fries were fantastic. Cheesy..eehh gravy-y.

Bill’s Bar and Burger 22 9th Ave at W 13th St & 16 W 51st St at 5th Ave

L.A. Eats: The Hat

The Hat
The Hat is one of those places that everybody in LA has already been and is super well known. Well I haven’t been. Nope, 24 plus years as an Angelino I haven’t never been to 1. I did think about going once.

Lucky me when I found out there was 1 right near my parents’ place and lucky for them (The Hat people), the sandwich place that I wanted to go was closed so it seemed like the perfect time to check out The Hat.

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