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Birthday Dinner At Louro

artichoke salad

I first met chef Dave Santos after eating at a vegetarian City Grit dinner he cooked. I ended up meeting with him at his Roosevelt Island home, where he was hosting Um Segredo — a secret supper club. Next he invited me to be a guest at one of those Um Segredo dinners, this time in Brooklyn. At that time he mentioned he was working on opening his own restaurant, focused mainly on small plates and where he could explore the cuisine of his Portuguese heritage, made with seasonal ingredients. That place turned out to be Louro, and my friends joined me there for my birthday last month.

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Char No.4

Char No.4
Meat and whiskey! Thats all you need to know about Char No.4. Oh and I guess their shrimp and grits are pretty good too oh and fried cheese curds. And that pretty much the reasons what brought me, Howard, Matt and Anh to Char No.4 or at least for me. I have heard many good things about their shrimp and grits but what I really wanted was MEAT. Howard showed interest when he found out they served fried cheese curds. He had some amazing ones in his Wisconsin trip.

So we went on a Thursday night and surprisingly we were all on time! Really rare that happens, eh I guess I’m always 30mins late to everything. We went in and got seated right away. The waiter quickly told us that they were out of the smoked half chicken and it was only 8:15pm. I took a lot longer than usual to finally decide what I wanted. But here’s what we all got.

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