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A Pork Chop Sandwich I Made

Few weeks ago I was taking photos of Laena McCarthy of Anarchy in a Jar for my Foodaissance project and she told me she had started to sell Roberta’s bread at her table at Smorgasburg. I knew they were using their large oven to bake breads but didn’t know they were selling them too. Laena was so enthusiastic about their breads that I just had to go find me some.

But what do I want to eat the bread with? The obvious answer was to make a sandwich with it. I was heading over to The Brooklyn Kitchen because that’s where they sell Roberta’s breads and I decided to finally use my Meat Hook giftcard (thanks Scott & Steph for feeding me). I bought a big old inch thick pork chop and a loaf of Roberta’s whole wheat bread. Now a pork chop sandwich ain’t a pork chop sandwich without some melty cheese on top. For that I headed over to MY FAVORITE BEER & CHEESE SHOP, Eastern District in Greenpoint. I told Beth, owner, what I was making and asked her for a cheese recommendation. She suggested the tarentaise cheese from Spring Brook Farms

I first sliced the pork into two half inch thick chops, seasoned with with salt and pepper and placed it in a hot pan. Jamie Oliver likes to make cuts along the fatty side to get more fat juice out of the chops. There’s no need to oil the pan because of the pork fat. I cooked the pork chops for about 3mins per each side. I finished the chops by holding them vertically to just cook the fatty part, make them extra crispy.

If you really want, after slicing the bread in half, you can place the bread in the same pan that cooked the pork chops in to give them a nice toast and to also soak up some porkiness (though i recommend pouring most of the pork fat out first and just leave about a tablespoon in).

To assemble I placed the pork chop on a piece of bread then shaved some cheese over and topped it off with sliced tomatoes and avocados. THEN to finish it off, a layer of spiced beer jelly from Anarchy in a Jar was a must.

Crumpets, Creme, And Jam

Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam! Crumpets, Creme and Jam!
Crumpets Creme & Jam
I can chant that FOREVER! Last week a friend tweeted that they got crumpets from Trader Joe’s. So when I was at Trader Joe’s the other night I tried to find some. Of course they were out of crumpets but there was a whole pile of cinnamon crumpets. Better than no crumpets, so I got a pack. 1 pack comes with 6 crumpets. They look like a hybrid of an English muffin and pancakes. The next morning I sliced a crumpet into 2 halves, it was hard to do without a super sharp knife but I managed. Got a pan nice and hot, added butter to the pan and placed the 2 halves into the pan. Just toast them till nice and crunchy. I don’t have a toaster oven so I used a pan. Once they were done I took them off the plate and smeared creme fraiche and topped it off with strawberry jam from Trader Joe’s. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S-! Really loved the different temperatures hot crumpets with cold creme fraiche and room temperature jam. Wonderful!

I think next time I’ll grate some lemon zest into the creme fraiche, it lacks flavors or use mascarpone cheese. *Sigh of if I can find some real clotted cream.