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Food Revolution Day 2013

Soft Shell Crab w/ kale and spring garlic

So today is Food Revolution Day! It’s the day where you take back your food from giant faceless corporations and cook it yourself. Yep, cook it yourself. Learn something new today. Learn about a new ingredient or a new method of cooking. If you’re an expert, go teach somebody something. Share your knowledge and information. Or go out and support the small mom and pop shop where they’re doing things the good and right way.

In honor of Food Revolution Day 2013, here’s a list of recipes that we like and hopefully you’ll like also!

Guess what?! Perfect timing, it’s soft shell crab season. Go get some and cook this recipe.

Thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’m in love with harissa.

Also thanks to Jamie Oliver, I can now make flatbreads with my eyes closed.

The lobster roll is like the perfect summer food, so here’s Howard’s vegan version.

Here’s an easy tomato gratin.

Speaking of tomato, here’s my quick and easy recipe for tomato and egg over rice.

My mom’s chicken wings and potatoes with coconut milk is my MOST FAVORITE dish ever.

Check out our video on making a 30 Second Vinaigrette.

Cauliflower and apple make a great combination in this bread pudding recipe.

Ah….here’s my Pad Thai sauce recipe plus few different ways to use it.

If you find fiddlehead ferns at the greenmarket, buy some and try this recipe.


Fried Egg And Flatbread

Fried egg and flatbread

So on a lovely Saturday afternoon with the food TED talks playing in the background on the Netflix, I made a bunch of flatbreads (I ended eating all of them). This was inspired by watching Jamie Oliver’s TED talk from 2 years ago.

Few months ago I saw a clip of Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots making jerk chicken. Jamie Oliver made a simple flatbread to go with the jerk chicken. It looked so easy that I actually thought about making it. Of course I didn’t actually make it till just few days ago. So here’s the thing, for my flatbreads I used regular old all purpose flour and instead of yogurt (in the recipe) I used buttermilk since that was what I had. And instead of jalapenos I sliced up some pickled serrano peppers. Okay, even though I TOTALLY didn’t use the same ingredients, it came out pretty darn good. Especially with a fried egg on top.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Slow roast pork shoulder

One word post: Delicious

Longer post: While some of you may have had spent your Christmas 2011 eve with families and friends, I decided to stay put in my apt in Brooklyn and slow roasted a 4.2lb pork shoulder. Yeah, it’s what I like to do these days.

I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s site (here). I like to suggest that everyone should give this a try because 1) It’s damn damn easy 2) crackling

The recipe says it serves 4-6 or in my case…1 for 7 days. I ate it in a stew, with pasta, sandwich…more stew. Works crazy well with lentils.

Jamie At Home: Roasted Pork Chops With Sage And Champ

Roasted pork chop with sage and champ
Few weeks ago I stopped by The Meat Hook and picked up 2 1 inch thick pork chops. I brought them home and sliced each into 2 so I ended up with 4 pork chops. What should I do with pork chops? Well of course I went straight to look at any pork chop recipes from Jamie Oliver.

Woohooo and I found this recipe for a Roasted Pork Chops with Sage and Champ. Seemed easy enough but what is champ? Champ is Irish mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes with milk and scallion equals champ, interesting.

This came out pretty good, the recipe was straight forward and didn’t reaaaaally take too long to make. The only thing I wasn’t too crazy about was the crackling. In the recipe it didn’t specify how long to cook the pork skin for so when I tried to eat it, the outside was porky and crunchy but with a really super chewy center. I ended up throwing the cracklings away. Also I had totally forgot to buy scallions for the champ so I didn’t really make champ.

Jamie At Home: Pasta Al Pangrattato

Pasta Al Pangrattato
One of the things that I regularly keep in my kitchen is a tin of anchovies, most of the time bought at Trader Joe’s. I thought it has been toooo tooooooo long since last I made anything from a Jamie Oliver cookbook and it was time. Also few months ago my friends S & S finally gave me my Xmas present and HELLO it was the Jamie’s Food Revolution cookbook. This cookbook is geared towards people that can’t really cook so to me means simple recipes! I was flipping through the book and came upon this recipe for Pasta Al Pangrattato. All you need are bread crumbs, anchovies, thyme, dried chili and pasta. Luckily I had everything except thyme. Once I got the thyme I prepped everything and made the dish. FYI, the anchovies that Trader Joe sells do not melt in the pan. I have tried it many times and every time they don’t melt like they should. I have bought anchovies from higher end grocery stores and they do melt.

I wasn’t a big fan of this dish because it was too dry. I like my pasta with a bit of sauce but this was hella easy to make and good way to use up old bread.

Click for the recipe

Jamie At Home: Pork Neck Fillet

Pork neck fillet
Pork neck fillet. Supposedly it’s one of the cheaper cuts of pork that you can get, definitely underused. Though when I bought 2lbs worth of pork neck fillet, an inch thick from The Meat Hook I got 3 big pieces for about $13. Yes for $13 you can probably get a lot of pork chops but damn these are a total different monsters. At fancy dim sum places you can get a plate of roast pork neck fillets which are 1000x better than regular old roast pork. They’re tender and not too lean or fatty. What makes these babies so good is that there are enough fat inside the fillets to keep them juicy.

Jamie Oliver has a quick and simple recipe for cooking a pork neck fillet here. All you need are sage, lemon, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. I didn’t really follow his recipe instead I cooked the fillet with just salt and pepper. I really wanted to taste how it suppose to taste like first. But I did follow his rule on cooking each side of the fillet for 2mins for a total of 8mins. Man did it come out just peeeerfect. That night I also made some pasta but I just couldn’t wait to try the pork. I cut a piece and popped it into my mouth. It was unbelievable IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! The fat inside the fillet really kept it nice and tender. I like to credit the awesome pork I got from The Meat Hook guys and also me for seasoning it correctly. Pork neck fillet is now my new bff!

Jamie At Home: Wild Rocket & Chilli Spaghetti

Wild arugula pasta
This week of cooking a Jamie Oliver recipe is his Wild Rocket & Chilli Spaghetti recipe. This recipe was super duper easy and quick and tasted good too. Arugula is the same as rocket right? I used wild arugula and chilli flakes instead of dried chillies. Give this recipe a try and I’m sure you can use whatever greens you can find instead of wild rocket/arugula.