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Fried Chicken: The Dutch

The Dutch

I told myself that I will never venture out to SoHo during the weekends (and also Chinatown). I guess if you love crowds, tourists, tourists with cameras, tourists walking real slow and tourists stopping in the middle of the sidewalk then you’re probably fine with going to SoHo on the weekends.

Nope, never say never because I found myself angrily dodging all the shoppers and tourists in SoHo to get to my destination, The Dutch. My friend was super smart and had made reservations for brunch (which I recommend) because the place was packed.

At The Dutch they serve the Hot Fried Chicken with honey biscuits and slaw for $21. They also gave us a bottle of hot sauce. Hot sauce on everything!

4 pieces of fried chicken, about half a chicken, were cooked beautifully, tasty, juicy and crunchy. What could be better? Well, the biscuits! These little gems were mighty delicious. The honey glaze on top made it shiny under the Saturday brunch sun. Also what can be more grand than eating fried chicken and biscuits on a silver pan like that?! Though it was a little weird with the piece of cloth sitting underneath the food, easier to clean the pan?

Besides brunch, the fried chicken is also served during lunch hour.

The Dutch – 131 Sullivan St and Prince St, SoHo New York

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Fried Chicken: Momofuku Fried Chicken Dinner


Ah yes, another large format dinner. Unlike the one I had at The Breslin, the Momofuku’s version was less gut busting and cheaper. For $125 (it was $100 when I went couple months ago), you get 2 whole fried chicken (half in Korean style and half in Southern style with Old Bay seasoning) with fixins which was a bowl of veggies, moo shu pancakes and sauces.

Many have said that David Chang makes one of the bestest fried chicken in the city. Well I’m going to have to disagree with those people. While the pieces of chicken were good they definitely weren’t great. The Southern style, I only got a hint of the Old Bay which I thought would’ve made the chicken more interesting if there was more of the seasoning. The batter was light, probably the lightest I had so far, which was good.

As for the Korean style, which was thrice fried compared to the Southern style’s single fried, was a little spicy and sticky from the glaze. I guess compared to the single fried Southern style, I was less thrilled about it.

While I don’t think it’s the best fried chicken, it was definitely good and between 8 people, it was my cheapest meal at Momofuku. Though at the end of the day, I was able to have a family style meal with 7 of my friends and that was pretty awesome.

Momofuku Noodle Bar 171 1st Ave. East Village, New York

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The Treats Truck Stop

The Treats Truck Stop

Probably one of the best thing about going from a food truck to a brick and mortar is the ability to expand the menu. There is just so many things you can do on a truck but with an actual shop, you have room to experiment and the resources to create more stuff.

So when Kim Ima, owner of The Treats Truck, opened her own shop in Carroll Gardens (The Treats Truck Stop), she was able to expand her menu to include savory stuff.

On the list of savory items were mac n’cheese, salads, sandwiches, grilled cheeses and BLTs. When I went for lunch, I was torn between getting the chicken salad sandwich or mac n’cheese. Then I saw the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado) and of course the combo of bacon and avocado in a sandwich was the an obvious choice for me. And all sandwiches came with a side of salad, fruit or………..KIMCHI! Yes I got kimchi with my sandwich. Oh and for $1 I added an egg so I guess it was a BLTAE?!

The sandwich was delicious….crispy strips of bacon and creamy avocado. Hm…. As for the kimchi, at first I thought it was store bought because it tasted..well like store bought (in a good way) but Kim said she made it at the shop. Wow! Housemade kimchi! I told her she should jar it and sell it.

The Treats Truck Stop 521 Court St, Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

LA Street Food Fest 2012

LA Street Food Fest
Editor’s note: Our LA contributors (Sandy Lee and Susana Fung) got an early taste of what to expect at this year’s LA Street Food Fest, happening tomorrow at the Rose Bowl. Photo by Susana Fung

The LA Street Food Fest is back for the 3rd year this Saturday, July 21. And it looks to be better than ever. Over 100 food trucks and restaurants will be on hand, from the “gourmet” variety to the local loncheros to special guests all the way from Baja. Their offerings are ranging from ice-cream served alongside chicken and waffles to cola-glazed Berkshire pork to poutine and moqueca (Brazilian fish stew). Booths from well regarded restaurants such as Picca, Spice Table, Sotto and Short Order will be on hand as well.

Taking place at the Rose Bowl, a limited amount of tickets will be sold, which should stave off the crush of the hungry crowds that have overwhelmed other such events. Ticket price is $45 for regular admission. It is all-inclusive, thus the food and the samplings of cocktails, tequilas, and beer are all incorporated into the cost. A VIP option is also available for $65.

Of course the goal for a food event that brings together such diverse eats into one centralized locale would be to try everything on hand. But if it’s not physically possible to eat everything in sight, dishes not to be missed include:

Hansik Truck/Moo Dae Po II: LA Galbi
Flavorful, smoky Korean grilled meat perfect for the outdoor locale

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Cheesy Mac & Rib
Rich and cheesey goodness

Lazy Ox Canteen: Paella
Chef Perfecto Rocher is a third-generation paella maker from Spain that has spent time working under Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli

Kings Row Gastropub: Curried Al Pastor Port Belly with Fresh Naan
Tender meat atop naan accompanied by a curry sauce with avocado, red onions, and pineapple

Antojitos Carmen
Get the chicharron taco with meat if available. Crispy pork skin. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

HAUS: Spicy Chicken Dukboki
Juicy chicken with a hint of sweetness grilled to just the right temperature.

Super (Duper) Market

Two days ago I got an email inviting me to a special preview of Paper Magazine’s Super (Duper) Market. Starting today, 7/13/2012, and running through Sunday, the Market brings together several artisan food makers from New York and beyond. One of the great strengths of the Super (Duper) Market is that it brings in many vendors that don’t usually come to food events, like the restaurant Brucie, who was sampling some of their excellent homemade mozzarella. Also significant is the fact they brought in some West Coast vendors, like Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. I finally got to try their Secret Breakfast flavor — bourbon with cornflakes. Also delicious: the red velvet danish from Red Rooster in Harlem; the enormous sno-ball from Imperial Woodpecker; sour cherry saltwater taffy from Salty Road; spicy food from Taste of Ethiopia; and strawberry basil pie from First Prize Pies.

Super (Duper) Market — 410 W 16th St, NYC

Lonestar Taco

Lonestar Taco

Get your breakfast tacos at The New Amsterdam Market!

It’s been a long road for my friends at Lonestar Taco. Around June last year they had a preview party that showed off what they envisioned Lonestar Taco to be. Ever since then they have been doing events here and there but nothing really permanent.

So, finally when they announced that they will be one of the food vendors at The New Amsterdam Market, I was thrilled for them. Yes! I can finally get my breakfast tacos on. This past Sunday they had a tamarind pork belly special and when I heard “pork belly” I had to run down to try it out. It was super good and the pork belly was tender (thick slices too) and really love the tamarind flavor. I also had the chorizo and egg, which was just as delicious. There’s something really wonderful about eggs and tortilla eaten together.

Please head down to the market on Sundays and get yourself a taco (or three).

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Crif Dogs

Crif Dog

I don’t eat enough hot dogs. Seriously, why are hot dogs only popular during the grilling season? It’s making me hungry for a hot dog RIGHT NOW. It is great as is plain but of course there are so much stuff you can put on it to make it even better (grilled onions, chili, mayo, nori flakes, cheese).

The other day I stopped by Crif Dogs in the East Village to grab a late lunch. I have tried few of their dogs but I usually just stick with the Good Morning which is bacon wrapped dog with cheese and a fried egg. It’s a simple combination but a wonderful one. The bacon was cooked till crispy (for easy biting) and was salty bacony good. Also they have tater tots! And if you like…you can add cheese to the tots! Though this time around I tried their fries (their fries equal waffle fries, a PLUS) with cheese. I got a large and it was plenty of fries, enough for two or more people.

This place is tiny and gets pack most of the time so prepare to wait for your dogs. But while you wait, you can play a game or two of Double Dragon (arcade form).

Crif Dogs 113 St. Marks Pl East Village
555 Driggs Ave Williamsburg