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Another Perfect Lunch on Fire Island

soba salad

You may remember that in 2012 the best meal I ate all year was the lunch I had with my friends Jeff & Eva when I went to visit them out on Fire Island. I went out again this year, and once again we had a perfect lunch. One of the things I liked most about this lunch (besides the fact that it was delicious) was that it was such a weird mix of ingredients, but they all worked together. After the soba noodles were cooked Eva rinsed them to cool them off, then mixed them with lettuce, raw chopped carrots and tomatoes, some goat cheese, a simple vinaigrette, and a few chopped hard-boiled eggs. This was all tossed together until the cheese and dressing coated the noodles. Then she added a chopped avocado and tossed again, letting the avocado coat the noodles as well. A little bit of salt and pepper, and the salad was done. The balance of textures and flavors was spot on, and the salad was perfect for a hot summer day. Thanks to Jeff & Eva, for another great meal and another great day!


Knife Cut Noodles

knife cut noodles

Sure, the place is called Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles, but on a recent visit I had the knife cut noodles. If you’re not familiar with the technique, they take a big hunk of dough and use a knife to slice off thin, ragged noodles of various lengths and thickness. Since each noodle is unique, you never know what you’re going to get. I got them fried, instead of in a broth, which this type of noodle I think is the right way to go. Less interesting were the cucumbers in vinegar, which were surprisingly bland — they can’t hold a candle to the ones we had at Biang!

Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles — 1 Doyers St., NYC

Tsukemen Ramen At Minca

Tsukemen Ramen

How do you feel about dipping ramen? The kind of ramen that you eat like cold soba. That’s what I had at my most recent trip to Minca. The spicy tsukemen ramen was the kind of spicy that gave you a little bit of sweat, the refreshing kind. For an extra kick, it came with a small dish of kimchi. Dipping ramen lets you decide how much broth you want to drench your noodles in and you don’t have to worry about the ramen getting all soggy for sitting in the broth.

Minca 536 East 5th St, East Village

No Name Bar Now Serving Thai Food

No Name Bar, Thai food

Last time I went to No Name Bar in Greenpoint for dinner, I was still enjoying the chili sesame noodles made by Lindsay Salminen. Though just a short two months later I found out she was no longer there and that the kitchen in the downstairs area is now serving Thai food. Obviously I was sad about this. Where am I suppose to have my chili sesame noodles now?

I wasn’t planning on checking out the new Thai spot till later but out of town friends wanted something light after a week of “too much meat” and so I suggested we try it out.

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Vegetarian At Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

After attending the Dirt Candy book release party our friend Melissa joined us for dinner at Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles in Chinatown. (As I mentioned, we didn’t get much to eat at the party.) On the way over we kept going back and forth between going there or to Great New York Noodletown, and by the time we arrived at the restaurant I was really craving some noodles. I was glad to see that they offered a vegetarian broth along with their tofu noodle soup, which came with the tofu on the side. I didn’t learn until afterwards that you can order your hand-pulled noodles in different thicknesses, but the default ones were awfully good — silky smooth with just a hint of chewiness. The broth was a bit mild, but some chile oil and cilantro brightened it right up. I’d love to go back for some of the pan-friend noodles, and I’ll definitely go for some thicker ones next time.

Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles — 1 Doyers St., NYC

No Name Bar

No Name Bar

No Name Bar in Greenpoint is one of those rare bars that I just really liked after one visit. Happy hour drinks till 8pm, cool crowd, cool bartenders, backyard, locals only and most importantly the noodle bar downstairs. Last week I met up with Howard at Allswell for some happy hour food and then we were off to Manhattan Inn so that he could do a write up about their veggie options. Manhattan Inn is sort of across the street from No Name Bar so I thought “heck we should go!” After getting our beers and ordering our food, we proceeded downstairs to the noodle bar.

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Our 2012 Eat More in Queens mission started with a group dinner with my friends at SriPraPhai. It seemed like I was the last in the whole wide world to eat at SriPraPhai and I’m glad I did even if that meant riding the 7 train during rush hour.

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be trekking out more to Queens, heck I (with Howard) even took a road trip up to New Haven for a day just to eat pizza (well Mo drove). The dinner was great and I’m looking forward to my next meal there. Though funny thing, I wanted to order a Pad Thai but no one would let me! It’s THE dish that I use to help me rate a Thai restaurant. Okay fine in the case of Joya, their Pad Thai is alright but their chicken green curry is where it’s at.

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