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Lost Vegetarian Presents… In Ricotta Da Vegan At Paulie Gee’s

Regular readers of this blog may know that Paulie Gee’s serves some of my favorite pizzas in all of NYC. What you may not know is that Paul has an extensive vegan menu, with some really incredible pies. In this new episode of Lost Vegetarian Presents, Paul walks us through making his In Ricotta Da Vegan pie, talks about why he has so many vegan options, and wonders why customers thank him. Click the like button if you enjoy the video!

Paulie Gee’s — 60 Greenpoint Ave


Hellified Porkpie White Pizza From Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee's

Long time ago, I thought it was CRAZY to eat a white pie. My first white pie experience was when someone ordered a whole white pie from Lombardi’s and while I thought it was good, it was just a bit too heavy for me. I pretty much stuck with tomato based pies………..until Paulie Gee’s arrived. Paulie showed me that white pies can be beautiful and it is beautiful. Like the Hellified Porkpie White pizza which has fresh mozzarella, Berkshire sopressata piccante, sweet Italian fennel sausage, sliced red onion, garlic, basil and Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s like second nature now, every time I head to Paulie Gee’s, to order a white pie.

Of course this pizza has everything…EVERYTHING that I love, fennel sausage, red onion and Mike’s Hot Honey. Hmmmmmmmm hot honey. The pizza on the left is the Ricotta Be Kiddin’ Me (fresh mozzarella, Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, basil and post-oven fresh ricotta dollops), another winner in my book.

Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn

The Monte Cristo Pizza From Paulie Gee’s

Monte Cristo pizza @ Paulie Gee's

Continuing with the pizza theme, many months ago Paulie Gee’s decided to start brunch service and lucky Howard got a sneak taste of the menu. Of course being me I kept saying that I would eventually go try the brunch menu until one day I heard that brunch service will be on hiatus.

Then on my most recent trip to Paulie Gee’s, I noticed a brunch pizza made it to the dinner menu, the Monte Cristo (mild gouda, Canadian bacon and a drizzle of pure maple syrup). It was definitely one of the heavier pies on the menu. I’m currently in a salty and sweet sort of moode so this pie totally hit the spot…though I have always felt guilty pouring maple syrup onto things. Maybe because it’s a lot sweeter than honey. Ohh but I may just start putting maple syrup on everything I eat now.

Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint

Honey Jones at Paulie Gee’s

My sister came into town a few weeks ago, and before she arrived the one thing she told me she wanted to do while visiting Brooklyn was to eat at Paulie Gee’s. I was happy to oblige. Paulie Gee’s is quickly becoming my favorite special occasion destination, due in equal parts to the excellent pizza and the graciousness of Paulie Gee himself. On this most recent visit, I realized that I had already made my way through most of the vegetarian options on the regular menu and so I went for one of the specials, the Honey Jones (Fior di Latte, Gorgonzola Cheese, and Megan the Bee Keeper’s Local Honey — usually served with Prosciutto di Parma but I asked for the meatless version). It was a great mix of salty, tangy, and sweet, all atop Paulie Gee’s chewy, crispy crust. Paulie is a bit persnickety when it comes to his crust — he sent us over a Bacon Marmalade pizza that he thought was too charred to send to the people who had actually ordered it, on the condition that we not photograph it — but when the result is as good as it is, who can complain?

Paulie Gee’s with Friends

When Paulie Gee opened his place in Greenpoint, he said that he wanted to create a place where people could go to relax, and have a good time with their friends. In my opinion he succeeded admirably, and so after <a href="our first visit I wanted to return with more friends. I invited Jess & Garrett of We Heart New York, and we had a great night. Paulie Gee recommended the Rooftop E&O (pictured above), made with baby kale he had just received from Rooftop Farm. The kale was crispy and drenched in olive oil, sitting atop the cheese and the perfectly chewy, charred crust. We also splurged on a dessert pie — pear and nutella — which took a long time to arrive at our table but was well worth the wait. The main thing was enjoying the company of friends; the excellent pizza was just icing on the cake.

Paulie Gee’s Secret Tomatoes

Last night I had another great dinner at Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, this time accompanied by my good friends at We Heart New York. I’ll write about it in more detail later, but I wanted to write about something else that happened.

If you watched the profile of Paulie Gee over on Food. Curated. then you know Paulie Gee is very secretive about his tomatoes (and if you haven’t watched the video, go watch it and then come back to this article). Well, he told me that he’s actually having trouble getting his hands on those tomatoes, and is down to his last case. His usual supplier is having importing problems, and so he’s trying to arrange an alternate source. Paulie Gee is going to meet this other man, who will be driving a van, on an exit off of a highway. These are the lengths that Paulie Gee goes to for you. Repay him by going to eat some of his excellent pizza.

Paulie Gee’s — 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

A Glorious Night At Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee's
Howard: I first heard from Paulie Gee after I wrote a post about Lucali’s. He suggested a few places for pizza, including Roberta’s in Bushwick. Roberta’s quickly became my favorite pizza place in the city. In the meantime, I started seeing Paulie Gee’s name pop up all over the food blog-o-sphere. He seemed to be obsessed with pizza, to the point of building a pizza oven in his back yard and hosting tastings there. I kept in occasional contact with him over the past year or so, and I even tried to finagle an invitation to one of those pizza tastings, to no avail. But then came some interesting news — Paulie Gee was going to open an actual pizzeria, here in Brooklyn.

We walked in through the enormous wooden doors into the comfortable, exposed wood interior. At the far end of the restaurant was the pizza oven, and standing in front of it was Paulie Gee himself. He looked a bit overwhelmed but quite happy, and he seemed glad to see us there. We took up a big table right in front of the kitchen space, and while we ate the restaurant very quickly filled up with other diners.

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