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Park Slope Chicken

Park Slope Chicken

So Chinese New Year is finally upon us. The year of the horse begins Friday 1/31 and my friend and I decided to host a Chinese New Year dinner. I’ve been thinking about what to cook and stuff. Trying to plan a meal that will be reasonably priced yet feeds 12 adults is hard.

But while planning this dinner, I thought about Peking duck. Duck is expensive so I thought, why not chicken instead? So I came up with this great idea of using chicken skin instead of duck skin and called it PARK SLOPE CHICKEN (well cause I live in Park Slope)! And then I can use the meat for the three cup chicken dish. Done! This weekend I decided to try it first and it came out pretty good. I had wanted to use 5 spice on the skin but I totally forgot to buy it at the store. So this version is just plain old salt and pepper. And it was super simple to make the cracklings, stick it in the oven for 40mins and it came out perfect.

So check out this recipe…

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Eating In Chinatown For $8.50

Bike polo?
Sometimes after a long day sitting in the office, all I want to do is head home and just chill. But..BUT sometimes I rather not go home too quickly because well it could get boring at home. Especially when the weather is super nice, who wants to be indoor? Few weeks ago I had a GIANT craving for a banh mi sandwich so I decided to head down to Chinatown.

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Peking Gourmet Inn

Slicing the duck
Falls Church, Virginia. A small little town near erm……near DC. Well actually I don’t know if it’s small since I was in the back seat of a van and had NO idea where we were going. All I knew was we were heading to Peking Gourmet Inn for Peking Duck. Earlier in the day I had googled this place on yelp. As usual there were mixed reviews but mostly positive. I had imagined this place to be a typical Chinese restaurant serving dishes like kung pao chicken, moo shu pork chicken everything, general tso chicken, orange chicken, broccoli and beef and etc. BUT their specialty was Peking Duck and that seems to be the main star of the restaurant.
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