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Philly Pinoy Is A Cure For The Homesick

Philly Pinoy
You probably think Red Hook, Brooklyn would be the last place to find Filipino food. But if you know the story behind Philly Pinoy (used to be the “Bait Shop” with a tiki bar looking exterior) then you know it’s exactly where it should be. Catered to the large number of Filipino cruise ship workers that come in with the Queen Mary 2 and Caribbean Princess, Philly Pinoy is just mere blocks away for the homesick workers to get some home cooked meals. Last time without knowing how Benjamin David, owner of Philly Pinoy, runs his shop, I went looking for lunch and failed to get any food.

This time armed with my new found knowledge and the handy Brooklyn cruise terminal schedule, I didn’t fail.

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brook • vin Park Slope

brook (dot) vin
On a random Saturday afternoon, I received a random text message from Howard asking what I was doing for dinner. I texted back, “nothing whats up.” He then sent me a link to brook • vin, a wine bar with small plates in Park Slope on 7th Ave. I said, “sure!” We met up around 6pm in front of the wine bar. I believe it just opened up since I never seen it before. We walked in and sat down towards the end of the bar. The look and feel of the place were typical of wine bars. The thing about me with wine is that I can’t tell whats good and whats bad. I can’t pronounce 90% of the names of the wine so I usually just point. When I do buy wine at the store I look at the pretty labels then the prices then the labels again. I’ll just say that they have a good selection of wine and the 2 that I got were good. The 2 small plates of food I can talk about. First I got the country pate, cornichons, with mustard seeds over toast. This was quite good. I love pate and the mustard seeds gave it a good kick. The mini pickles didn’t do much taste wise but gave a good crunch to it. I also got a plate of crispy pigs ear salad. *sigh I love pig ears but this was just so frakkin’ horrible! If you’re going to advertise something as crispy, you gotta make it crispy! Those ears were not crispy at all. They might’ve been crispy that morning or the day before but when I got them they were stale and hard to chew. So disappointed! Why why why why why? Urgh…so mad!! And the dressing on the salad was a bit too acidic for me. I’m always neutral when it comes to wine bars and brook • vin in Park Slope is not making me like wine bars more.
Country pate, cornichons, mustardsCrispy pig ear salad
As you all know from reading Howard’s post, we left the place hungry. We went to 12th Street Grill & Bar, which we know was good. I got steak and frites there.

– brook • vin 381 7th Avenue, Brooklyn