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Tis The Season To Roast All Your Vegetables

Roasted Veg

Ever since the weather got cooler and it wasn’t INSANE to turn on the oven, I’ve been roasting a lot of stuff. I mostly roast big chunks of meat but lately I have found much join in roasting veggies. In the past, whenever I roast veggies it’s usually carrots or potatoes, as a side dish. But ever since I had a pasta dish at Allswell that had roasted red cabbage, I was hooked.

So now, every Sunday I would walk down to the Park Slope Farmers Market, pick up some veggies and roast them. It’s quick (well 30mins or so), easy and mighty delicious. I have put together a small list of veggies everyone should try roasting.

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Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Slow roast pork shoulder

One word post: Delicious

Longer post: While some of you may have had spent your Christmas 2011 eve with families and friends, I decided to stay put in my apt in Brooklyn and slow roasted a 4.2lb pork shoulder. Yeah, it’s what I like to do these days.

I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s site (here). I like to suggest that everyone should give this a try because 1) It’s damn damn easy 2) crackling

The recipe says it serves 4-6 or in my case…1 for 7 days. I ate it in a stew, with pasta, sandwich…more stew. Works crazy well with lentils.

Jamie At Home: Roasted Pork Chops With Sage And Champ

Roasted pork chop with sage and champ
Few weeks ago I stopped by The Meat Hook and picked up 2 1 inch thick pork chops. I brought them home and sliced each into 2 so I ended up with 4 pork chops. What should I do with pork chops? Well of course I went straight to look at any pork chop recipes from Jamie Oliver.

Woohooo and I found this recipe for a Roasted Pork Chops with Sage and Champ. Seemed easy enough but what is champ? Champ is Irish mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes with milk and scallion equals champ, interesting.

This came out pretty good, the recipe was straight forward and didn’t reaaaaally take too long to make. The only thing I wasn’t too crazy about was the crackling. In the recipe it didn’t specify how long to cook the pork skin for so when I tried to eat it, the outside was porky and crunchy but with a really super chewy center. I ended up throwing the cracklings away. Also I had totally forgot to buy scallions for the champ so I didn’t really make champ.

Defonte’s At Red Hook

Hot roast beef sandwich w/ mozz and fried eggplant
I keep hearing about Defonte’s and their incredible tasty sandwiches. But both their locations being not near me at all has kept me from trying their sandwiches. Finally on a beautiful March Saturday I walked down with Steph and met up with Howard at Defonte’s in Red Hook. Steph suggested that I get the hot roast beef sandwich which has roast beef, mozzarella and fried eggplant. We walked in around 1:45pm into a near empty Defonte’s and by 1:50 it was packed! Weird. I actually wanted to try their cubano but their hot roast beef sandwich seems to be their signature sandwich so I got that. Steph got roast pork with hot salad and provolone and Howard got potato and egg with cheese. We all got the 1/2 size, which I later realized that it was enough sandwich to last me the whole day.

We took our sandwiches and ate it in the park just few blocks from Defonte’s. It was great! The sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing. Let me just say, the sandwich was HUGE! It was packed with roast beef and cheese and fried eggplant, how was I going to eat this damn thing?
Roast pork with hot saladEgg and potatoes
I took one bite and loved it! I don’t really like eggplant but how do you make me eat eggplant? By frying them and sticking them into a sandwich with cheese and roast beef. I quickly finished half of the half sandwich and was contemplating about finishing the other half. Should I? Do I dare? Oh heck yeah I did and because I ate the whole thing it kept me full the whole day and skipped dinner.

I am ready to go back for the cubano now.

Tea Flavored Pork Ribs

Tea flavored ribs
I saved the ribs that came with the 9lb pork belly I bought for our 2 year party so that I could use it later. This is probably not the way to cook ribs but I first boiled it then roasted it in the oven. The liquid that I used to boil the ribs in was tea! and star anise. Yes tea. Think it was 2 cups of tea and 8 star anise. Boiled it for about an hour. Then I took the ribs out placed it in the roasting tray, seasoned it and cooked it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour then cranked it up to 500 degrees.

The end result was pretty good. A little on the dry side but I could really taste the tea and that extra salt I added before roasting was super nice!

8 Hour Pork Butt

Roasted pork butt - 8hrs
I don’t remember what made me do this but I’m glad I did. There’s an Italian butcher shop down the street from where I live and that’s where I bought the 5.4lbs pork butt. The 5.4lbs cost me $18.80. Is that a lot? It was my first time buying a pork butt so I am not sure if $18.80 for 5.4lbs is good or not. So that night I made my marinate and let the pork butt sit in the fridge inside a zip lock bag with the marinate. I flipped the pork around before I went to bed just so both sides get enough marinate.
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