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Pie, Bratwurst And Pretzel

As I’m typing this I’m sitting on my bed in the fine fine Ace Hotel in Seattle sipping my free Stumptown coffee. OMG they have a self-served waffle machine also. Yeah sorry NY but I just had to take a break from you. Though I am kind of sad to have missed the snow storm. Suppose to rain in Seattle all week, boo. Anyways enough about Seattle.

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Chicken Stroganoff From The Schnitzel Truck

Chicken StroganoffChicken Stroganoff
How do you make me walk 14 blocks and 1 avenue to get lunch? Have frakkin’ chicken stroganoff, another fine recipe from Mama Bear or Mama Schnitzel or Mama Oleg. I sadly missed out of the lamb stew from last time and I heard many praises for it and that made me more sad. So when I found out that they were going to serve one of my FAVORITE dishes I had to go get some. What’s not to love about creamy mushroom sauce and chicken served with fries?! It had so many levels of deliciousness. The sauce was perfect but I did wish the mushrooms were a little bit bigger.

Steps to eating fries and chicken stroganoff. Fork stab stab stab at fries then fork stab stab stab at chicken stroganoff and then into mouth. Repeat.

Can’t wait to see what Oleg and family will be serving next time.

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Terroir With The Schnitzel Crew

Terroir Tribeca with Schnitzel Crew
“Make schnitz, not war!” I guess in our case it was “make schnitz, make friends!” As you may you know I had the pleasure to meet Molly and Greg, 2 super Schnitzel VIP, couple weeks ago at the Vendy. Since then we had met up 1 more time when Andrew Zimmern visited the Schnitzel truck. Then Molly had an idea where all 3 of us should find a place to eat and all 3 of us blog about it. As we were discussing this over the interweb (Twitter) Mr.Schnitzel invited himself along, hahahaaa. After a good while of going back and forth we finally settled on Terroir in Tribeca.

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Veal Sandwich And Andrew Zimmern

Veal sandwich
I’m the type of person that likes to stick to what I know is good even though when someone else tells me something else is better. Yeah I’m pretty boring….or just plain lazy? Maybe I need to take more risk, MAYBE I need to take more risk in my life general. Anyways.

My usual choice at the Schnitzel truck has always been chicken schnitz with potato salad and cucumber salad with sirarcha mayo. It’s easy to order because I order it so many frakkin times. Sometimes even if I want something else my mind will think okay, this time chicken schnitz with chickpeas and beets but my mouth automatically orders chicken schnitz with potato and cucumber. But finally few days ago I ordered something totally different. Maybe because its Autumn or that it’s the end of September or the closeness of Jupiter actually because it was rainy and we were all standing around waiting for Andrew Zimmern to show up that ordering a platter meant that my schnitz may be steaming in the container for a while. Steam and fried goods, you know, are eternal enemies. Yes I ordered my first ever sandwich, a veal sandwich with sriracha mayo and my first time seeing Andrew Zimmern in 3D.

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Vendy Awards 2010

How time flies and once again the Vendy Awards is among us. Once again my pals Oleg Voss and Gene Voss of Schnitzel & Things and Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream were nominated for the Vendy Award and Best Dessert Award respectively. The Souvlaki Truck, which I have met recently, were nominated for Rookie of the Year.

Similar to last year I went as part of the Schnitzel crew but unlike last year I rode a ferry instead of the schnitzel mobile. This year the Vendy Awards took place at Governors Island. Now after what happened at the other lame food truck event I was afraid there would be similar problems, long lines everywhere. But of course being that it’s the 6th year of the Vendy these people running the event are professionals. There was never any crazy looooonnnggg lines though the line for Kelvin Slush was pretty incredible. Big Gay Ice Cream learned from last year and offered a tasting table that served different toppings than the truck to keep the line short. The Schnitzel crew, was once again, like a well oiled engine and just kept chugging along. They were fast and efficient.

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Cod Schnitzel

Cod Schnitzel
FINALLY after many many attempts I got to try the cod schnitzel from Schnitzel & Things. As for the 2 sides I got potato and cucumber salad. I opened the lid to the pesto mayo and dunked a piece of cod into it and quickly took a bite. I have to say AMAZING! Great flavors like a punch in the face great flavors. And both the potato and cucumber salad went REALLY well with the cod because it sort of sooth your face from being punched by the cod. It was like I was riding a roller coaster, a super tasting roller coaster ride.

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Draft Barn

Draft Barn
I don’t remember how I found this place but I did thanks to the internet. Beer halls beer halls! We need more beer halls in Park Slope and not in Williamsburg. Whats not to love about beer halls? Endless beer choices and usually good hearty food to go with beers! That usually equates to meat or something deep fried. I rarely go to 3rd Ave in Gowanus for anything, except the occasional shows at the Bell House. And if you’re familiar with “South” Slope you know how much quieter it is after 9th St on any of the avenues. So to have a beer hall on 3rd Ave between 12th and 13th St well, is that good for business?

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